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Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) officers and members must take precautions to ensure we do not engage in activities interpreted as violating antitrust or anti-competitive agreements in various parts of the world. For any activity which is deemed to unreasonably restrain trade, the network and its members may be subject to legal penalties, regardless of otherwise beneficial objectives.

To ensure that we conduct all meetings and gatherings in strict compliance to any such laws and agreements in any part of the world, the RTN Code of Conduct is to be distributed and/or read aloud at all such gatherings.

There will be no discussion of terms or prices of services, allocating or sharing of customers, or refusing to deal with a particular supplier or class of suppliers. Neither serious nor flippant remarks will be permitted.
RTN members are expected to behave professionally at all times, which includes acting in accordance with all applicable laws, negative, disparaging or discrediting comments regarding other members, corporations or competitors, or their goods or services, will not be tolerated.

RTN may not issue recommendation on any of the above subjects or distribute to its members any publications concerning such matters. No discussions which directly or indirectly fix purchase or selling prices may take place. Standards or certification requirements for membership must give equal conditions to all similar parties.

All RTN related meetings shall be conducted in accordance with a previously prepared and distributed agenda. Actions inconsistent with the above terms will be considered violations of this Code of Conduct. RTN reserves the right to take whatever actions it deems necessary to ensure compliance with this Code.

Information Collected
When you complete a form on this site, we collect the information you provide, which may include your name, company, business title, address, phone number(s), and email address, as well as the IP address, operating system, and browser of the computer you are using. We maintain this information in a database and may augment it with information posted on public sites such as LinkedIn.

Non-Member Mailing Lists
If you subscribe to our public mailing list, we will not use your email address, phone, or other contact information for any purpose other than to communicate with you. The only exception is if we are required to do so by law.

Member Mailing Lists
By submitting your contact information to RTN in the context of a membership application, or of an individual enrolling in RTN under a corporate membership, you are added to our mailing list. This policy also applies if we receive your contact information from you directly or from others.

We do not sell or rent our membership mailing list, make it available to other members, or provide it to sponsors or exhibitors at RTN meetings or events. We use your personal and company information only as outlined in this privacy policy, in order to communicate with you and to further the collaborative functions of RTN. Collaborative functions may include (but are not limited to) workgroup activities, technical demonstrations, events and meetings, participation in exhibitions, and marketing functions that help to communicate the activities of RTN and its membership to the broader hospitality and technology communities. We may also disclose or retain your information if we are required to do so by law.

From time to time, we may identify opportunities for members to participate in activities, conferences, or events sponsored by RTN or partner organizations, which further the mission of RTN, and we will communicate these to you directly or through partner organizations. If we provide your contact information to a partner organization, its use will be limited to communicating with you for the purposes outlined in this paragraph. If you do not wish to receive such offers, please let us know and you will be removed from the list.

Sharing of Member Contact Information
Except as specifically outlined in this Privacy Policy, and in instances where you give us explicit permission, we do not share your personal contact information with other members or with third parties. We may receive requests from members to contact you or your company, and we will, unless you request otherwise, forward such requests as we consider reasonable. We will not forward requests that we believe constitute advertising or mass solicitations by or on behalf of members.

Unless your company (or you, if you hold an individual membership) specifically request(s) otherwise, we may share your name and contact information with other registered individuals who work for your organization and who request a specific contact or a list of all RTN contacts. In this context, the word "organization" includes all affiliated companies who are using a single RTN membership.

Member Identity on RTN Public Website
RTN members will be identified by company, and company only, on the members list maintained on our website, unless you specifically request not to be listed, or unless you maintain your membership without a company name on record. If multiple individuals within a company each hold individual memberships, then the company will be listed unless all such individuals request not to be listed.

Member Identity in RTN External Communications
Any individual in an RTN voluntary leadership position (Board of Governors, Vendor Advisory Council, Executive Advisors, Strategy Chairs or Workgroup Chairs/Co-chairs), is subject to their name, title and company being shared by RTN to the public. This information can be shared throughout RTN’s website, press release distribution, social media channels, event presentations and other marketing collateral.

RTN uses the logos of associations they actively collaborate with in presentations given to schools, prospective members and at other industry events.

All member company names will be listed on RTN’s website throughout the span of their active membership. After a member joins, RTN has the right to use their company logo in emails to their membership database and on social media channels. Often times this will be to solicit event sponsors and new members.

RTN will not publish to its members, or to the public, the contact information of any member, including phone numbers, email addresses or mailing addresses.
Member Identity on RTN Private Website

Member information, such as name, company, and mailing address (but not email address and phone number) are available to other members on the private, members-only portion of the RTN website. Members and affiliated individuals who participate in RTN collaborative bodies (including workgroups, committees, advisory boards, councils, and similar entities) are identifiable by name, company affiliation, telephone number, and email address to other participants in the same and related bodies, and to employees and contractors of RTN. With approval of RTN management or the leadership of a collaborative body, RTN may share the list of that body's participating individuals and/or their contact information with other individuals, if the reason for doing so is to further the collaborative efforts of the body.

If You Attend a Meeting or Event
RTN may disclose the names, job titles, and companies (but not contact information) of individuals who attend RTN or official publication Hospitality Technology (HT) events to other actual or prospective attendees and sponsors. Attendee names are not disclosed in any public facing documents or on any public website, but may be distributed privately or made available on a member-only website view.

Member Identity in RTN Workgroups
If you apply to participate in an RTN body (workgroup, committee, advisory board, council, or similar entity), your company name and the name(s) of individuals who will represent your company will be published on the members-only web site in accordance with the new member acquisition policy of such body.

If you are accepted to participate in a collaborative group, your company name may be used in RTN press releases and other communication materials, but unless we specifically ask your permission, we will include it only as one item in a list of all participating organizations. If you are accepted to participate in a collaborative body, any resume or biographical material that you submit, as well as your basic contact information, will be shared with other participants on the same group as indicated in the prior section, and may also be published in meeting notices or minutes that are available to all RTN members.

You may request exceptions from these policies, but doing so may jeopardize your opportunity to participate in the workgroup. Please contact RTN to discuss your specific situation.

RTN will provide notice by email to the member’s designated primary contact 30 days prior to the effective date of any changes to member policies. Members may terminate their membership due to the policy change and shall not be bound by any such policy change if the member terminates its membership prior to the effective date of such policy change, but no refunds will be given.

Through a strategic partnership with Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG), RTN will administer, manage and execute collaborative workgroups. By participating in a workgroup (or any forum, team or group organized by RTN), you agree, individually and on behalf of your employer, to be bound by the following policies:

Chartering a New Workgroup
Any RTN member in good standing, or any group of RTN members, may propose a new workgroup. New workgroup proposals may be submitted on the Workgroup Page of our website. If a workgroup proposal generates interest from other industry participants, RTN staff will contact you and help you through the process of preparing an initial workgroup charter application. Upon completing your charter application, it will be submitted to a subcommittee of the RTN Board of Directors for review and approval.

Charter Development, Approval and Workgroup Governance
Initial discussions on a proposed workgroup are generally held with RTN staff and other interested or prospective members. The goal of these discussions is to produce a formal proposed charter. RTN staff, in coordination with our partners at HTNG, will help assess what may be needed to gain approval of the RTN board subcommittee. The board subcommittee may accept the proposal, decline it, defer it, or provide recommendations to refine it. Accepted proposals become chartered workgroups, and the subcommittee will decide with which strategy team your workgroup will be associated.

The RTN board and subcommittees will prioritize proposed workgroups according to available financial and management resources. The board may consider any factors it deems relevant in prioritizing proposed workgroups, including the breadth and magnitude of anticipated benefit, the level of interest expressed by existing members, the potential for rapid deliverable of meaningful results, and any available sponsorship funding.

Participation in RTN workgroups is open to any member, with the following exceptions: Any member other than restaurant members and technology company members may participate on a non-voting basis, except that voting rights may be granted at the discretion of RTN to members whose specifications are being used by the workgroup. RTN and HTNG staff, consultants and advisers may also participate on a non-voting basis.

Applicants' RTN membership dues must be fully paid at the date of application, and other accounts with RTN (whether for the member company itself or for any of its current or former appointed or registered participants for RTN activities), must be no more than 30 days past due. Applications received from non-members and members whose dues are not current or whose other accounts are more than 30 days past due will not be considered to have been received until all amounts owed have been paid in full, and funds (or pending credit thereof) have been received and verified by RTN.

Individuals who are not current members of RTN may be eligible to participate in workgroups on a limited basis. This policy is intended to allow a workgroup to enlist expert assistance, on a volunteer basis, without requiring that the volunteers pay membership dues. This option requires the approval of RTN management and a majority vote of the workgroup, which approval shall be for a term of no more than one year. Participation is usually on a non-voting and non-leadership basis. Approval may be revoked at any time by RTN, HTNG or by majority vote of the workgroup and expired or expiring approvals may be reinstated or extended by the same process as initial approvals. RTN will generally not approve, and may revoke, non-member participation opportunities for companies that would expect to realize material commercial benefits, as a provider or consumer of technology products or services, from the workgroup's output.

Applications to Participate in Workgroups
New Workgroups
An open sign-up will be announced when the workgroup has been chartered. Member companies identified on the charter for an approved workgroup are considered Charter Voting Members of the workgroup, provided that all applicable membership fees have been paid no later than the deadline date.

Existing Workgroups
Applications to join active, chartered workgroups are subject to the policies established by each workgroup. Applications to join workgroups currently in maintenance mode are also subject to such policies, but because maintenance workgroups may meet on an as-needed basis, their consideration may be delayed unless you make RTN aware of a particular issue you wish to raise that would cause the workgroup to schedule a meeting.

Most active workgroups welcome new participants who have a business interest in their efforts, but occasionally a workgroup may defer new applications until a future date to avoid the need to bring new participants up to speed mid-project. All workgroups retain the right, by majority vote, to reject any applicant for any reason.

An application form is submitted through your member account to participate in an existing workgroup, and in some cases, admission requires a majority vote of the current voting members of the workgroup.

Intellectual Property
All workgroup participants agree that they will not make contributions of intellectual property to which they knowingly do not have the right and authorization to contribute. The owner of any contributed intellectual property retains all ownership rights. The Contributor agrees to disclose (in advance of, or at the time of, the contribution) any possible restrictions on the use or modification of contributed intellectual property, as well as any expectations of royalties. Such disclosure shall be made in writing to the workgroup chair or co-chairs, to the workgroup facilitator assigned by RTN to the effort. It shall also be included on the first page, or the first page after the title page, of any documents or artifacts submitted. If posted on RTN’s website, it shall also be included in the document description (header). In the absence of such written disclosure, it is understood that RTN, its members, and the general public may use or modify the contributed property in any way authorized by RTN, and that no royalties may be assessed by the contributor.

The form of the disclosure must be substantially as follows:

By providing this document to RTN, I certify that I and/or [XYZ company] own or have the right to use any intellectual property contained within and that I am empowered to, and do, grant the rights to use and/or distribute and/or modify the information as presented, subject only to any limitations listed below. Additionally, neither I nor my company will seek any royalties or impose restrictions on such use, except to the extent that we have listed the specific intellectual property(ies), and the rights retained or restrictions imposed, below.

Limitations and reserved rights:
(list here, or state "None")
Without limitation, this section applies to contributions made (a) by posting to the RTN website or any website managed by RTN; (b) by electronic dissemination using workgroup mailing lists; (c) by electronic or non-electronic dissemination to individual workgroup members, if those members could reasonably interpret said dissemination to be related to the workgroup effort; (d) by presentation before a meeting of the workgroup or other RTN members, whether or not physically distributed; and (e) by requesting that RTN staff or other RTN members or workgroup participants effect the contribution on behalf of the Contributor.

Each workgroup, forum, team or formal group organized by RTN members may set policies, which must be nondiscriminatory within any class of RTN members, for qualification of new members, disqualification of existing members, provisional memberships, and similar items. Such policies may be established in the workgroup charter or by vote of the workgroup members. In the absence of workgroup-specific policies, RTN may establish default policies, which shall be applied to all subsequently chartered or re-chartered workgroups unless and until they establish different policies.

Ongoing Participation Requirements
Workgroups, forums, teams or formal groups organized by RTN members, may establish policies to remove members automatically based on failure to actively participate over an extended period. They may opt to remove a member from the roster after four months of non-activity (attendance and voting), provided that the workgroup or forum has met for a minimum of three times in the four-month period. Once removed, a member must reapply as a new applicant unless the workgroup or forum provides an alternative procedure. Workgroups and forums may also establish policies that revoke voting privileges based on repeated failures to vote; if they do so, they must also provide a means for regaining voting membership status. RTN may also remove workgroup members who fail to pay ongoing membership or Forum participation fees, or to pay other amounts due to RTN.

Participation Details
One company, one vote: small restaurant companies and vendors have equal voice to their largest competitors, ensuring that no one company can dominate decisions.
Regular participation is required to retain your voting rights.

RTN members may sign up for any new workgroup at launch (instructions provided with launch announcement).

Members can also elect to join an existing workgroup through their user profile.

There is no cost to join workgroups, but certain forums or other groups may charge a fee in addition to RTN membership fees.

A fee may be charged for face-to-face workgroup meetings to cover the cost of holding the meeting. If a face-to-face meeting is held in conjunction with an RTN conference, no additional fee beyond the conference registration fee will be charged to attend the face-to-face workgroup meeting. When held in conjunction with an RTN / HT conference, workgroup members may normally choose to attend the face-to-face workgroup meeting(s) only at no charge. There may be exceptions for certain forum or workgroup meetings.

Nonmembers of RTN may participate in pre-chartered workgroups by teleconference only. Once the workgroup is chartered, only RTN members can continue participating, unless approved by RTN Staff and the workgroup, as outlined in Eligibility Section above.

Voting Policies
To ensure consistent application of the "one company, one vote" policy, the following rules cover situations where multiple individuals at one company might otherwise be eligible to vote. In this section, "corporate RTN member" refers to the company holding a corporate membership, except for and also to any other affiliated companies that are covered by that membership (meaning that RTN membership policies permit them to use the membership, and they have explicitly or implicitly elected to do so rather than to hold a separate membership).

For each workgroup of which they are a member, corporate RTN members may designate one person as the voting representative. In case of disagreement as to who should be the voting representative, the designated primary contact of the RTN membership will decide. A designated voting member may only vote on behalf of his/her employer OR, if he or she has been designated as a third-party voter by a member, may ONLY vote on behalf of that member. In other words, if you are covered by multiple memberships, you cannot vote twice.

If you hold an individual RTN membership and are (or become) employed by a company that holds a corporate membership, then you may only vote on behalf of your employer, and only if you are designated to vote on your employer's behalf. For example, if you have an individual membership at one hospitality company or as a consultant, and you become employed by a corporate RTN member while your individual membership is still active, then your individual membership will lose its voting rights in all workgroups unless and until you terminate your employment.

If you and one or more other persons in your company (or in the same group of related companies) holds an individual RTN membership, and if the company (and any affiliate) holds no corporate membership, then each individual member is entitled to vote, but if multiple such individuals vote on the same matter, each vote will count fractionally based on the number of such individuals voting.

By participating in a workgroup, you agree that workgroup meetings may be recorded for the benefit of members unable to attend, or to assist RTN staff in preparing minutes. If the recording is to be made available to other members, then notice of the intent to record a meeting will be provided in a notification of the meeting to members by email at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. As a convenience, it will also be announced by the facilitator at the start of the meeting, but if you arrive late, you may not hear this announcement. Access to recorded meetings may only be provided on a nondiscriminatory basis to all members of the workgroup or to all members of RTN.

Issues or objections to the chartering or workgroup formation process will be settled by the governing RTN Board subcommittee. The subcommittee is authorized to speak on behalf of the RTN board and membership.

RTN will provide notice by email to the member’s designated primary contact 30 days prior to the effective date of any changes to member policies. Members may terminate their membership due to the policy change, and shall not be bound by any such policy change if the member terminates its membership prior to the effective date of such policy change, but no refunds will be given.

By joining RTN, renewing your membership, or entering into certain new activities, members reaffirm their agreement to the latest Terms and Conditions of Membership.

Members agree to abide by the RTN Code of Conduct. Corporate Members agree to hold employees, and anyone they authorize to participate in RTN on their behalf, accountable to RTN’s Code of Conduct.

Restaurant Memberships (individual or corporate) may only be held by restaurant companies, or by full-time employees of restaurant companies. Restaurant companies include organizations that develop, own, operate, manage, franchise or brand restaurant enterprises or venues.

Technology Company Memberships may only be held by companies engineering technology solutions for the restaurant industry. Technology Company Memberships are not available to individuals, and are subject to RTN approval. Technology Companies joining at higher levels may receive benefits not accessible to all members. Packages will vary, but any technology company serving the restaurant industry has an opportunity to join RTN.

Start-Up Technology Company Memberships are available in accordance with RTN defined parameters, and are only available for the first 2 years of membership. To qualify for Start-Up membership status, companies must be incorporated less than three years from the date of membership application and must not receive funding by an established company (including online distribution). Evidence of incorporation date is required. RTN reserves the right to decline startup membership in situations that are contrary to the spirit of the program, for example: a newly formed company purchasing another company’s assets or an existing company incorporating in a new region.

Consultant Memberships are only available to self-employed individual consultants and to individuals employed by consulting companies. Consultant members provide professional advice, charge a fee for time and expertise, but do not sell products or other services. Consultant Memberships are also available to certain other individuals who operate under a similar professional model, at the discretion of RTN. Consultants are required to sign a statement of eligibility and RTN will review memberships annually.

Academic and Student Memberships are available for educators, researchers and students contributing to the advancement of or keenly interested in collaborating inside the restaurant technology industry. These memberships are rooted in the spirit of academic nurturing of individuals, rather than economic gain as a buyer or seller of technology or technology-based services. RTN reserves the right to deny Academic or Student memberships to any individual, and to revoke without refund if the individual holding it ceases to qualify and/or uses the membership for commercial gain as a buyer or seller of technology or technology-based services.

Individual Memberships are non-transferable. Access to members-only areas of the RTN website is limited to enrolled members and login information may not be shared.

Membership types may be converted on a case-by-case basis and only if approved by RTN, commensurate with a change in position, title, company or status.

RTN has the right to revoke membership at any time if individuals or companies violate the Terms and Conditions of Membership.

Membership dues are nonrefundable. Memberships may be converted to a membership of greater value at the request of the member, and a pro rata credit of full months of the unused membership term will be applied to the new membership. Multiple individual memberships may be converted to a corporate membership with written agreement of each individual member.

The first membership year begins upon receipt of payment and terminates on the same day one year thereafter. Renewal memberships are for 12 consecutive months starting the day after termination of the prior term. Renewal notices are sent by e-mail to the designated primary contact for the member.

Members agree that "Restaurant Technology Network” and any logos depicting the brand and likeness of RTN are trademarks of Restaurant Technology Network, and that they may be used only with RTN’s written permission. In particular, reference to implementation of products based on RTN specifications is strictly regulated. Logos used pursuant to rights granted to members (member badge, for example) must be removed from all printed and electronic materials within 30 days of membership termination.

Corporate Memberships cover employees of the named company and any affiliates under common control. For this purpose, ‘control’ means more than 50% of the voting stock of the company. Non-employee contractors may represent the company with RTN’s approval, which RTN may revoke at any time. Corporate Restaurant Memberships also cover employees of restaurants owned and/or managed by the named company or by affiliates under common control. Employees requesting member privileges based on a Corporate Membership held by their company agree, individually and on behalf of their employer, to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Each member shall identify a Primary Contact. The individual who applies for membership shall be the initial Primary Contact and may request changes to the Primary Contact by submitting a request to the membership mailbox. In the event that the Primary Contact leaves the company without assigning the Primary Contact responsibility to another person, RTN may appoint any other company employee as the Primary Contact upon its reasonable belief that they are authorized by their company to function in this role.

Any expired membership may be reinstated retroactively for up to three months after its expiration date.

Members who apply for or participate in RTN activities (workgroups, trade-show demonstrations, marketing activities, etc.) agree to abide by RTN policies for such activities as published on the RTN website and as may be modified from time to time.

Members whose memberships have lapsed by more than 30 days may not attend any RTN members-only function or face-to-face meeting or participate in any members-only activities (except as permitted by workgroup policies), until they have renewed or re-established membership. Members with balances due from invoices more than 90 days old may not attend any RTN members-only function or meeting until all overdue invoices have been paid. This policy will apply even with respect to events for which the member has paid or agreed to pay, and refunds will only be given if the member cancels or withdraws at a time that, under the terms of the function, meeting or event, permits a refund.

RTN will provide notice by email to the member’s designated primary contact 30 days prior to the effective date of any changes to member policies. Members may terminate their membership due to the policy change and shall not be bound by any such policy change if the member terminates its membership prior to the effective date of such policy change, but no refunds will be given.


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