Membership Policy

By joining RTN, renewing your membership, or entering into certain new activities, members reaffirm their agreement to the latest Terms and Conditions of Membership.

Members agree to abide by the RTN Code of Conduct. Corporate Members agree to hold employees, and anyone they authorize to participate in RTN on their behalf, accountable to RTN’s Code of Conduct.

Restaurant Memberships (individual or corporate) may only be held by restaurant companies, or by full-time employees of restaurant companies. Restaurant companies include organizations that develop, own, operate, manage, franchise or brand restaurant enterprises or venues.

Technology Company Memberships may only be held by companies engineering technology solutions for the restaurant industry. Technology Company Memberships are not available to individuals, and are subject to RTN approval. Technology Companies joining at higher levels may receive benefits not accessible to all members. Packages will vary, but any technology company serving the restaurant industry has an opportunity to join RTN.

Start-Up Technology Company Memberships are available in accordance with RTN defined parameters, and are only available for the first 2 years of membership. To qualify for Start-Up membership status, companies must be incorporated less than three years from the date of membership application and must not receive funding by an established company (including online distribution). Evidence of incorporation date is required. RTN reserves the right to decline startup membership in situations that are contrary to the spirit of the program, for example: a newly formed company purchasing another company’s assets or an existing company incorporating in a new region.

Consultant Memberships are only available to self-employed individual consultants and to individuals employed by consulting companies. Consultant members provide professional advice, charge a fee for time and expertise, but do not sell products or other services. Consultant Memberships are also available to certain other individuals who operate under a similar professional model, at the discretion of RTN. Consultants are required to sign a statement of eligibility and RTN will review memberships annually.

Academic and Student Memberships are available for educators, researchers and students contributing to the advancement of or keenly interested in collaborating inside the restaurant technology industry. These memberships are rooted in the spirit of academic nurturing of individuals, rather than economic gain as a buyer or seller of technology or technology-based services. RTN reserves the right to deny Academic or Student memberships to any individual, and to revoke without refund if the individual holding it ceases to qualify and/or uses the membership for commercial gain as a buyer or seller of technology or technology-based services.

Individual Memberships are non-transferable. Access to members-only areas of the RTN website is limited to enrolled members and login information may not be shared.

Membership types may be converted on a case-by-case basis and only if approved by RTN, commensurate with a change in position, title, company or status.

RTN has the right to revoke membership at any time if individuals or companies violate the Terms and Conditions of Membership.

Membership dues are nonrefundable. Memberships may be converted to a membership of greater value at the request of the member, and a pro rata credit of full months of the unused membership term will be applied to the new membership. Multiple individual memberships may be converted to a corporate membership with written agreement of each individual member.

The first membership year begins upon receipt of payment and terminates on the same day one year thereafter. Renewal memberships are for 12 consecutive months starting the day after termination of the prior term. Renewal notices are sent by e-mail to the designated primary contact for the member.

Members agree that “Restaurant Technology Network” and any logos depicting the brand and likeness of RTN are trademarks of Restaurant Technology Network, and that they may be used only with RTN’s written permission. In particular, reference to implementation of products based on RTN specifications is strictly regulated. Logos used pursuant to rights granted to members (member badge, for example) must be removed from all printed and electronic materials within 30 days of membership termination.

Corporate Memberships cover employees of the named company and any affiliates under common control. For this purpose, ‘control’ means more than 50% of the voting stock of the company. Non-employee contractors may represent the company with RTN’s approval, which RTN may revoke at any time. Corporate Restaurant Memberships also cover employees of restaurants owned and/or managed by the named company or by affiliates under common control. Employees requesting member privileges based on a Corporate Membership held by their company agree, individually and on behalf of their employer, to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Each member shall identify a Primary Contact. The individual who applies for membership shall be the initial Primary Contact and may request changes to the Primary Contact by submitting a request to the membership mailbox. In the event that the Primary Contact leaves the company without assigning the Primary Contact responsibility to another person, RTN may appoint any other company employee as the Primary Contact upon its reasonable belief that they are authorized by their company to function in this role.

Any expired membership may be reinstated retroactively for up to three months after its expiration date.

Members who apply for or participate in RTN activities (workgroups, trade-show demonstrations, marketing activities, etc.) agree to abide by RTN policies for such activities as published on the RTN website and as may be modified from time to time.

Members whose memberships have lapsed by more than 30 days may not attend any RTN members-only function or face-to-face meeting or participate in any members-only activities (except as permitted by workgroup policies), until they have renewed or re-established membership. Members with balances due from invoices more than 90 days old may not attend any RTN members-only function or meeting until all overdue invoices have been paid. This policy will apply even with respect to events for which the member has paid or agreed to pay, and refunds will only be given if the member cancels or withdraws at a time that, under the terms of the function, meeting or event, permits a refund.

RTN will provide notice by email to the member’s designated primary contact 30 days prior to the effective date of any changes to member policies.  Members may terminate their membership due to the policy change and shall not be bound by any such policy change if the member terminates its membership prior to the effective date of such policy change, but no refunds will be given.

*We reserve the right to change these policies at any time, without notice. Membership policies will always be accessible to members inside the membership portal.