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RTN Member Spotlight: Andy Freiveogel

Co-Founder & CEO, Science On Call
Cody Czmyr
Director of Marketing, Communications and Membership
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What unique problem does your company solve for restaurants?

Science On Call is a tech support platform for restaurants. Our team -- all employees based in the US -- provides Tier 1 coverage so that internal IT leadership can focus on innovation and implementation of new systems. We deal with POS, networking, printers, phones, email admin and more. Restaurant staff can scan a QR code and launch our web app to connect with our team using the channel of their choice (text, email, form, or voicemail).

Why did your company join RTN?

Science On Call joined RTN so that we could expand our network among technology professionals serving the restaurant industry, but also so that we could find new ways to contribute to the restaurants we serve.

What’s your favorite personal pastime?

I enjoy hanging out with our pets (2 cats, 3 dogs, 5 chickens,) eating pizza, and playing bass in a heavy metal band.

What three words would you use to describe what’s happening in the restaurant industry right now?

Tech, Stack, Complexity

What’s your most-used restaurant app?

Portillo's Mobile Ordering App!

Restauranteur you most admire and why?

Matt Sherry of 16 On Center. Matt worked tirelessly to shepherd his restaurants through all phases of the pandemic, and went we went back to Dusek's a few weeks ago, it was the best hospitality we'd ever experienced. He's never lost sight of the importance of humanity in the dining experience.

What technology are you most excited about for the future of restaurants?

Guest awareness: I think restaurants will see the automation of many aspects of the guest experience and will allow their FOH and BOH teams to focus more on the actual human connections without needing a lot of hardware between themselves and their guests.