Member Spotlight: Cole Harris

RTN Member Spotlight: Cole Harris

President, PrepWizard
What unique problem does your company solve for restaurants?

PrepWizard eliminates costly time spent on handwriting food prep labels by using a mobile app and printer to automatically calculate and print. In 2 minutes, PrepWizard finishes a task that would otherwise take a store 30-60 minutes.

Why did your company join RTN?

RTN offers a unique opportunity to network and collaborate with the industry's best creative minds and problem solvers. I couldn't miss out on that.

What’s your favorite personal pastime?

Rock n' Roll! I have been a guitar player since I was 10.

What three words would you use to describe what’s happening in the restaurant industry right now?

Adaptation, Consolidation, Innovation

What’s your most-used restaurant app?

Open Table

Restaurateur you most admire and why?

I admire my Dad. He started as a manager and built an impressive restaurant group. I was encouraged to work in the restaurant industry at a young age, which drew my focus to restaurant tech.

What technology are you most excited about for the future of restaurants?

Innovation surrounding the mobile app ordering experience continues to deliver. I expect to see some very fascinating tech that breaks down.