RTN Member Spotlight: Randy Murphy

Founder & CEO, FourBurner Technologies, Inc.
Cody Czmyr
Director of Marketing, Communications and Membership
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What unique problem does your company solve for restaurants?

FourBurner Technologies offers two, SaaS software platforms for restaurants:

OrderB4 is a virtual brand management system that allows existing restaurants to run one or many virtual brands without impacting the current storefront's brand operations or tech stack.

DeliverB4 partnered with Skipcart, a self-delivery solution that allows any merchant using the marketplaces to save $2+ on delivery and improve driver Service Level Agreements and visibility to the end without changing anything for the consumer.

Why did your company join RTN?

To connect to peers in our field, build awareness of our products and company, and help make a difference for our customer operators

What’s your favorite personal pastime?

Watching my boys play football and baseball

What three words would you use to describe what’s happening in the restaurant industry right now?

Tough - operating conditions across the board have never been tougher.
Fast - things are changing so fast, it can be hard to keep up as an operator
Unknown - so much noise in the marketplace, it is hard to know what and who can help you

What’s your most-used restaurant app?


Restauranteur you most admire and why?

Ed Norton - co-founder of The County Line BBQ chain in Texas. Multi-unit chain that has been in business successfully for nearly 50 years. He has seen everything.

What technology are you most excited about for the future of restaurants?

Robotics. Once figured out, I believe this is the single biggest game changer for operators. This reduces and in some cases can eliminate the biggest challenge with operations today, employees (cost, turnover, training, quality, consistency, HR issues, etc.)