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RTN Member Spotlight: Simon Gamble

President, Mako Networks
Cody Czmyr
Director of Marketing, Communications and Membership
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What unique problem does your company solve for restaurants?

The Mako System is the best networking technology for distributed retail enterprises, delivering a powerful combination of PCI-certified security, high availability, flexible SD-WAN scalability and cloud-based control and visibility. It was a secure access service edge (SASE) long before that term was coined. Mako is ahead of the trend, anticipating the security and resilience requirements that have become essential to a modern business network.

With more than 20 years of experience designing, deploying and maintaining high-security, high-performance business networks, including developing the specialized hardware and software that makes our distributed enterprise solution possible, Mako Networks has the knowledge and expertise to meet any challenges your network presents.

Why did your company join RTN?

To learn more about the technology requirements of the restaurant industry to enable us to better tailor our solutions to their needs.

We also joined to meet people. Solutions are all about people and we want our potential customers and partners to know who we are - not just what our technology can do.

What’s your favorite personal pastime?


What three words would you use to describe what’s happening in the restaurant industry right now?

Customer-centric delivery.

What’s your most-used restaurant app?

The ordering app for our neighborhood pizza restaurant.

Restauranteur you most admire and why?

All of them. Anyone who has the courage to run their own business gets my admiration.

What technology are you most excited about for the future of restaurants?

Any technology that makes it easier for the restaurant to operate and deliver service that delights their customers.

Restaurants are all about the food and drink experience, regardless of whether they're selling hot dogs or prime rib. The technology shouldn't get in the way of business - it should enhance it.