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The simple way to manage multi-unit technology for emerging brands.

Location: Quincy, MA
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SpecGravity works exclusively with multiunit hospitality and retail brands nationally. Providing a fully managed option for technology operations and support in brands without an IT department, and a co-managed option for brands with a small or single person IT department in need of extra support, SpecGravity works with Hospitality and Retail brands of all sizes.

SpecGravity was founded in 2014 by three Crumbs Bake Shop (NASDAQ: CRMB) executives. When new stores were being built, the company would send IT, construction, and an operations specialist. The objective was to turn over a fully functional store to the store training team, so they could begin training and selling product immediately. From New York to LA, Chicago to Houston, and everywhere in between, the team would travel city to city and open these stores. When the company went under in 2014, the founders identified a core failure being the amount spent on overhead when opening and supporting stores. The business model became clear; help businesses open and operate at the most efficient capacity possible while leveraging the most competitive cost model on the market. 8 years and hundreds of projects later, it’s safe to say the model works.

With a family of companies, staff with specific Hospitality and Retail operations backgrounds, 862 field staff, and 172 support staff, SpecGravity has proven experience tackling complex NSO (New Store Opening), Rollouts, Field Support, Cybersecurity, and General IT Support nationally.

Tech is important; however, the business’ vision and goals always take priority, and tech is meant to always be in support of those goals, and enable the business to continue to grow. Leaving tech to SpecGravity simplifies and balances the want-to-necessity ratio. SpecGravity keeps a simple motto, “The business comes first, IT follows”

"With SpecGravity, Multiunit Hospitality and Retail brands gain a dedicated 24/7 technology department for ongoing support and NSOs to keep their locations running, troubleshoot issues, and to monitor and remediate issues before they arise."
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SpecGravity Point of Contact
Stephen Sidwell
Managing Partner
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (833) 700-4728
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Stephen Sidwell had worked as a CIO for multiple Hospitality and Retail Businesses before starting SpecGravity. The CIO experience allowed him to see first hand the struggles of supporting Hospitality and Retail technology operations with limited budgets, staff, and vendors that took a general approach, as opposed to an industry specific approach. With experience ranging from small business / startups to enterprise, he is skilled in ensuring the long-term success of his clients, through infrastructure design and management, coupled with client training and support. Business owners have many responsibilities, above all, concentrating on what they do best; producing superior products and services. He understands how important it is to minimize expenses on business services, yet get the most 'bang for the buck', especially on mission critical services such as Technology. In 2016 Stephen started Gravity for Good as a way to give back and support underserved efforts and charities in the communities SpecGravity works in day to day.