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WG: Standardization Adoption, Assessment & Awareness

RTN has become the single driving force behind the creation of technology standards in the restaurant industry. Join us in this collaboration to define methods of creating awareness, evangelizing adoption and building assessment/recognition tools for these standards.
Tammy Hanson
Membership Experience Manager, RTN
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Since its inception, RTN has become the single driving force behind the creation of technology standards in the restaurant industry. To date, RTN has published six technology standards (defined below). This workgroup is designed to focus on the following:

  • Define ways to create awareness around the existence of technology standards. 
  • Evangelize standards adoption among the vast array of restaurant technology-focused suppliers. 
  • Create assessment tools to help suppliers identify how far along they are on the journey towards adoption, and where they may need to focus to get there faster. 
  • Identify badges of recognition and governance around the badge attribution, mapped to each standard, which may allow restaurants to recognize suppliers in compliance with or in support of, restaurant technology standards.


RTN Restaurant Technology Standards (as of 4/2023)


  • Open API Framework 

Defines API architecture for the restaurant industry, provides a public avenue for adopting best practices, and offers a data dictionary for the most common integration needs.

  • Restaurant Menu Synchronization Specification

An industry benchmark for communicating menu data between systems and partner entities.

  • Customer Record Data Standard

Created to alleviate complications related to collecting fragmented customer profiles, managing customer data, maintaining data integrity, understanding customer behavior. 

  • Transactional Data Standard

Restaurant transactional data, whether financial, marketing, or operational, makes up the basis for a modern, data-driven company, but many restaurants do not have access or simply cannot ingest this data to make meaningful decisions.

  • Restaurant Technology Capabilities Framework

Allows restaurant technology stakeholders to speak a common language by defining functional areas, capabilities, and use cases for restaurant solutions. 

  • Restaurant Technology KPIs

Standardized KPIs represent the industry’s first robust collection of 100+ key performance indicators (KPIs), covering six broad categories: sales, marketing, product, labor, operations, service, and financials and indexed by organization type.

Call for Restaurant Operator Support

RTN encourages restaurant operators who support technology standardization to attend this workgroup. Your strong show of support is critical to guide suppliers towards adoption. 

Call for Tech Supplier Support

RTN supplier members are encouraged to join this critical moment in time workgroup, in support of the industry as we collectively move the needle when it comes to standardization and mass adoption. Share your technology, marketing and industry expertise in this all-hands-on-deck workgroup and ensure your brand has a seat at the table.

Launches July 19th @ 11 a.m. Central and will alternate Wednesdays at 11 a.m. Central. 


To join this important workgroup: CLICK HERE