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Who We Are

The Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) is a membership community solely dedicated to the restaurant technology industry. We’re bringing something fresh to restaurant operators and technology companies, with a community designed to shape industry standards and share technical guidance to help restaurateurs run successful businesses and better serve their customers.  

Our Vision

In an industry built on service and entrepreneurial spirit, purpose-built technology fuels success. The Restaurant Technology Network aspires to help restaurant professionals and solution providers work together to solve problems large and small and inspire bold ideas for the future.

Our Roots

The Restaurant Technology Network will benefit greatly from the support and resources of its official publication, Hospitality Technology (HT) magazine. The magazine is ideally suited to bolster the community, as it has served as the only 100% technology-focused hospitality publication for over two decades, reaching 97% of the top 200 restaurant brands. RTN members will also enjoy perks related to HT’s wildly popular flagship conference, MURTEC (Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference). Currently in its 23rd year as the gold standard for education and networking in the restaurant technology industry, MURTEC hosts over 700 restaurant technology executives and solution providers annually.



Through valuable membership benefits, RTN connects the entire restaurant technology ecosystem, including restaurateurs, suppliers, consultants and academia. Together, we make the industry stronger.



Through active membership collaboration, we create and disseminate technology standards and technical guidance for our members.



Through work groups, benchmarking tools, research, networking events, awards, technical education and certifications, RTN solves industry challenges and helps its members prosper.

Who Should Join The Restaurant Technology Network?

If you have a vested interest in the restaurant technology industry, you should join us. We welcome restaurant operators, technology companies, consultants and academics. Collectively, our members shape the industry by creating and disseminating technology standards and technical guidance to benefit members. Through membership benefits, such as collaboration, workgroups, benchmarking tools, research, networking, awards, technical education and certifications, our members solve industry challenges and prosper inside a unique, collaborative environment..

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Restaurant Operators

We welcome restaurant companies across all sub-segments, including QSR through full-service, casual through fine dining, and single stores through global brands.

Technology Companies

Companies designing solutions for restaurants are a critical component of the community. We welcome any size and type of technology company engineering solutions to make restaurants more successful.

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RTN welcomes consultants focused on restaurant technologies. We encourage you to become part of the community, and share your expertise and ideas with us.

Academic community

RTN welcomes members of the academic community, including students and professors, as well as university and other academic partners catering to the restaurant technology space.


Membership Benefits Preview

Below you’ll find just a few notable benefits included in your Restaurant Technology Network membership. Stay Tuned! We’ll be releasing a full line-up of benefits and membership tiers/packages in the coming months.


Everyone who’s anyone in the restaurant technology ecosystem will be here, making it the place to be for serious collaboration. Soon, we’ll be launching an online membership portal, whereby members can join in discussion groups, connect with peers and other members, share ideas, join workgroups, and take advantage of all the benefits included with RTN membership.


Our workgroups are poised to become the lifeblood of RTN. Our members will enjoy a seat at the table, where technology companies and restaurateurs roll up their sleeves together, and collaborate to solve real-world problems, create best practices and publish standards. RTN members also get first-rights access to anything workgroups publish, allowing them to go to market faster with solutions designed to spec. Lastly, product engineers, software developers and restaurateurs will be connected like never before, in a neutral, non-sales environment, where new connections and partnerships are sure to evolve.


Networking & Workgroups

Advanced Education and Certification Programs

RTN members can access a wealth of knowledge and resources, just by visiting our web portal, where they’ll be connected to industry peers and partners, participate in discussions on a variety of topics, and reap the rewards of the industry’s first-of-its-kind advanced educational and industry certification programs.

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Advanced Education & Certification Programs

Deep-Dive Industry Research and Resources

RTN members will have access to industry research not available anywhere else. Our deep-dive segmented research covers trends and topics hyper-targeted to benchmark restaurant technology trends and better understand what’s happening among a subset inside the industry.

Thought Leadership, Personal & Company Exposure

Members will have unique opportunities to participate in “Member Spotlights” inside our online portal, as well as visibility and listings inside Hospitality Technology magazine and at events, such as MURTEC and MURTEC Executive Summit.

Restaurant Technology Network Members

Thought Leadership & Industry Recognition

Industry Recognition

RTN members will be recognized as a vital part of the restaurant technology ecosystem, with a digital badge to utilize on websites, social media profiles and in marketing collateral.

Job Opportunities

RTN members can search industry-specific career listings and/or post job openings to attract top talent in the space. In addition to our job board, the community offers career-defining networking opportunities, customized education, training and certifications, as well as award programs to fuel professional advancement.


Coming Soon… Additional Benefits, Exclusively for Members

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The RTN Technology Procurement Certification Program will be offered in partnership with Restaurant CIOs Joe Tenczar and Brian Pearson, via Join us at HT’s MURTEC conference in Las Vegas March 11-13 for a free preview course.

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  • Support / SLAs

  • Labs, Pilots and Rollouts

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  • Contracts

“We’re passionate about helping restaurant technologists, many of whom rose through the ranks, reach their fullest potential. With, we’ve developed educational programs specific to the restaurant technology industry, and RTN Certifications help formalize that expertise for the industry, advancing careers and allowing restaurant organizations to tap into exceptional talent.” - Joe Tenczar, Co-Founder,