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    *New Standard* Payback Comparison Tool

    The Payback Comparison Tool is an analysis methodology to determine the payback period for an investment in a technology implementation project. The payback period is how long it will take to pay off the investment and is sometimes called the ‘break even point’. The most significant advantage of the payback comparison tool is its simplicity. It’s an easy way to compare several projects or project scenarios and then focus on the project or scenario that has the shortest payback time.
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    **ICYMI You Can Watch It Here** RTN Town Hall: Computer Vision for Restaurants

    Come watch as Angela Diffly, Co-Founder of RTN, hosts a lively discussion with a few key players whose solutions tap computer vision to bring real-world use cases to life throughout various operational touchpoints!
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    Meet David from Comcast...Early Adopter and Founding Member of RTN

    Senior Director Of Restaurant Technology Sales
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