Data Analytics

Video submission is limited to RTN Members. Only videos that meet criteria below will be featured. Videos must be no longer than 8 minutes.

Submit YOUR Flash RFI Video

Submission Guidelines:

  • Introduction Guide
    • Introduce yourself and your brand. For example: I'm Willy Wonka, Chief Candy Connoisseur with The Chocolate Factory. I'm here to contribute to RTN's Flash RFI Video Series under the category of chocolate-making. 
  • Answer questions completely, and concisely - It will be up to each supplier to keep this content current (submit a new version of your video if the content changes relevantly).
  • If your solution serves more than one category (per below), you may submit for multiple categories (if product/component can work alone as a competitor).
  • Data Analytics Flash RFI Questions

    Submitters must answer all questions. If either of these are not adhered to, the video will not be considered for posting.

    • Quickly describe your solution and platform
      • Software, HW, services, some combination?
    • What problem do you solve or objective do you achieve?
    • How many restaurant brands are currently installed?
    • What market (segment/ size) is your sweet spot?
      • Which 3 of your brands would give a buyer a feel for where you excel?
    • Describe how tech partners work with you.
      • Data accessibility and limitations (API, web hooks, oData, Automated Exports, etc.).
      • Onboarding process
    • How are you reinvesting your revenue? (buyer wants to know where you focus your money)
    • What really differentiates you from your competitors? (Very important question)
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