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Insight Lime Analytics

Consulting firm offering a fresh take on digital analytics, data strategy, and more


Insight Lime Analytics is a consulting firm offering a fresh take on digital analytics, data strategy, consumer insights, and market & business intelligence. Working with Insight Lime Analytics helps bridge the gaps between organization's Marketing, IT, and Finance teams by providing insights that make the organization's data understandable, insightful, and actionable. The service-minded team of expert analysts provides insights and clear communication to ensure marketing and product leaders feel confident in their data, can make data-driven strategy decisions, and show leadership and board members the impact they are making with their products and campaigns.
In the agency's first few years, they have had an 80% client repeat rate and received an average 90+ NPS score. 
MArybeth Insight

MaryBeth Maskovas
Founder, Principal Analytics Consultant
[email protected]
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MaryBeth Maskovas is the founder and principal analytics consultant at Insight Lime Analytics. With an international career in digital analytics, she has worked for brands such as KAYAK, Wendy's, and other major retailers. She solves sticky problems in attribution, data usage, organizational strategy, and making business decisions with data. 

During her 10+ year career, she has loved working with complex businesses to create impactful change and has done so for notable travel, eCommerce, Saas, and QSR brands. Insight Lime was founded when MaryBeth returned to the U.S. from Denmark in 2020. 

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