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Meet Andre from Fingermark....A Dynamic Professional With A Comprehensive Background In Innovative Product Solutions

Global Program Manager
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  • About Andre

    A dynamic professional with a comprehensive background in market research and analysis, strategic planning execution, program management, product development, and go-to-market strategy. At Fingermark I help drive the planning and implementation of our innovative product solutions.

  • What unique problem does your company solve for restaurants?

    At Fingermark, we specialize in providing innovative solutions that address the unique challenges faced by global QSRs. Our cutting-edge technology is designed to optimize speed and efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and boost profits for restaurants. In an industry grappling with labor shortages, rising operational costs, and evolving customer expectations, our AI and computer vision technology ensures a faster and more streamlined experience. By leveraging real-time data insights, we empower decision-makers to make informed choices that lead to greater organizational change and increased revenue. With Fingermark, QSRs can access highly accurate and user-friendly data to help them make smarter and faster decisions every day.

  • Why did your company join RTN?

    Our decision to join RTN was motivated by a desire to collaborate with an organization that shares our commitment to driving innovation in the QSR and restaurant industries. At RTN, we have the opportunity to network with other businesses that share our passion for leveraging technology to solve industry-specific challenges. This allows us to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and insights, and to gain valuable knowledge and expertise that helps us better serve our customers. We are proud to be part of a community that fosters collaboration, creativity, and growth in the QSR and restaurant space.

  • What’s your favorite personal pastime?

    My favorite personal pastimes include family time, sporting hobbies, also playing both acoustic and electric guitars.

  • What three words would you use to describe what’s happening in the restaurant industry right now?

    Innovation, automation, & digitization

  • What’s your most-used restaurant app and why?

    UBEReats because of the utter convenience.

  • Restauranteur you most admire and why?

    Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A, exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit. He started with a single restaurant and grew it into a nationwide chain known for its quality and service. Chick fil A is known for its commitment to certain values, including its stance on Sundays. Holding firm to core principles is something that we need more of in the world today

  • What technology are you most excited about for the future of restaurants and why?

    AI and computer vision will revolutionize the restaurant space across the board including enhanced customer experience and improved operational efficiency. Additionally, digital payment solutions will continue to evolve commodities such as mobile wallets, contactless payments, and cryptocurrency.

  • Where is your HQ Located ?

    Havelock North, New Zealand

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