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Membership Policies & Terms

membership policies & terms

Membership Policies & Terms

By joining Restaurant Technology Network (RTN, a wholly owned division of EnsembleIQ), and as a condition of Membership, Individual and Corporate Members, and their representatives, are bound by RTN’s “Policies, Terms and Conditions of Membership,” which are set forth below. RTN reserves the right to change Membership Policies, Terms and Conditions at any time, and at its sole discretion. RTN will provide such notice by email to a Member’s designated primary contact 30 days prior to the effective date of any changes to Membership policies. Members may terminate their Membership due to such policy change and shall not be bound by any such policy change if the member terminates its Membership prior to the effective date of such policy change, but no refunds will be given on account of such change.


1) Privacy Policy:

RTN shall follow the EnsembleIQ privacy policy which will apply to any information received from a member, its representatives, or from a third party. 

2) Member Listing and Logo Use:

RTN members will be identified by company name and/or logo on a Members List maintained on the “public-facing” sections of the RTN website, in RTN’s marketing content and presentations, and on RTN’s press releases, social media channels, and at industry events.

3) Voluntary Leadership Positions:

Any individual in an RTN voluntary leadership position (Board of Governors, Vendor Advisory Council, Workgroup Chairs/Co-chairs), agrees to have his/her name, title, company, and RTN leadership affiliation shared by RTN to the public. This information may be shared throughout RTN’s website, and related press release distributions, social media channels, event presentations and other marketing materials. RTN reserves the right to remove any individual from voluntary leadership roles for violation of the RTN terms and conditions, for actions not in accordance with the RTN code of conduct, or for actions deemed by RTN to be contrary to the RTN Mission Statement.

4) Member Identity in RTN Workgroups:

If a Member is accepted to participate in an RTN Workgroup, that Member’s company name may be used in RTN press releases and other communication materials, and any resume or biographical material submitted to RTN, including but not limited to basic contact information, will be shared with other participants on the same RTN Workgroup, and may also be published in meeting notices or minutes available to all RTN members.


1) Good Faith:

All members agree and represent that they are joining RTN in good faith, for the sole purpose of supporting the RTN mission, Vision and Values. Member represents that information provided to RTN during the Member registration process is true and correct. Should it be found that the Member has misrepresented information or its intention as stated within the RTN registration process, or intentionally misused or disclosed information distributed to Members by RTN, Member agrees and acknowledges that RTN shall be entitled to cancel Member’s Membership, and Member shall forfeit any dues already paid.

2) Revocation of Membership:

RTN has the sole right and authority to revoke Membership at any time if a Member or Member representative violates the Terms and Conditions of Membership, or for actions not in accordance with the RTN Code of Conduct or RTN Mission, Vision & Values. As it relates to individuals serving on RTN Workgroups, RTN Board of Governors, RTN Vendor Advisory Council, or other RTN groups, RTN reserves the right to remove any individual from such a role for violation of the RTN terms and conditions, for actions not in accordance with the RTN Code of Conduct.

3) RTN Website Access:

Access to members-only sections of the RTN website is limited to enrolled Members who have paid their membership fees, and member login information may not be shared with third parties.

4) Membership Fees:

RTN Membership fees are collected up front on an annual basis; are due in full upon signing or renewing a Membership Agreement; and are nonrefundable. Membership begins upon receipt of payment and is valid for 12 months.

5) Renewal:

RTN will issue an invoice to Member at least thirty (30) days before the end of the Membership term for renewal of Member’s RTN Membership for a new 1-year term, at RTN’s then current rate for annual dues, payable upon receipt. Upon Member’s timely payment of such invoice, Member’s Membership shall renew for an additional 1-year term. If Member has pre-authorized auto-renewal via credit card, Membership dues will be automatically charged to the authorized credit card.

6) Lapsed Membership:

Any Member whose Membership has lapsed may not participate in any RTN members-only activities until they have renewed Membership and paid all agreed-upon Membership dues in full.

7) Late Payment:

RTN, at RTN’s sole discretion, may accept or reject any late payment of Membership renewal dues. A late payment of annual dues does not extend the original expiration date of Membership.

8) Trademarks:

"Restaurant Technology Network” and any logos depicting the brand and likeness are trademarks of Restaurant Technology Network, and may be used only with RTN’s express, written permission. In particular, reference to implementation of products based on RTN’s specifications is strictly regulated. All Logos or materials used pursuant to rights granted to members (member badge, for example) must be removed from all printed and electronic materials within 30 days of Membership termination.

9) RTN Copyrights:

RTN: All right, title, and interest in RTN Content or any portion thereof, will be owned by RTN. RTN Content is defined as, without limitation: Workgroup content, materials created and/or published digitally or printed by RTN, and materials created within the context of Workgroups. RTN will also own with respect to RTN Content all patent rights, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, related goodwill and all modifications (including all ideas and know-how) to and derivative of works based upon RTN Content constitutes and shall remain the sole property of RTN. Member shall not take any action to jeopardize, limit or interfere with RTN’s ownership of and rights with respect to RTN Content.


Member: Any RTN Member that contributes copyrighted materials to RTN shall retain copyright ownership of its original work, while at the same time granting RTN, and its Members, a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free license  allowing them to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, perform, and create derivative works of such copyright based on that original work for the purpose of developing RTN Draft Specifications or RTN Content under RTN’s own copyright, including all guidance and work groups documents created by RTN’s work groups.

Contributed Works: An RTN Member that contributes copyrighted materials to RTN shall retain copyright ownership of its original work, while at the same time granting RTN and its Members a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free license under the Workgroup Member’s copyrights allowing RTN to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, perform, and create derivative works of the copyright based on that original work for the purpose of developing RTN Draft Specifications, or RTN Content under RTN’s own copyright, including all guidance and work groups documents created by RTN’s work groups.

10) Disclaimer of Warranty:

RTN neither accepts nor assumes any liability with respect to any information provided by a Member, or its representative(s), to RTN or its Workgroups; nor does it make any representation or warranty relating to any concept or representation, including but not limited to: any standards or guidance documents that may be released by RTN, or that arise out of any workgroup, or through any Member’s activities. The intent of this provision is to make it clear that RTN will not be legally responsible for any content, standards or guidance documents of any kind arising from or related to information, (digital or otherwise), provided by its members and/or their representatives to RTN or its members.Additionally, RTN shall not be responsible for any representation made by its members, nor will RTN take any action to verify such representations. RTN AND ITS MEMBERS MAKE NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS, CONDITION, USE OR APPROPRIATENESS FOR MEMBER'S PURPOSES OF THE INFORMATION, DOCUMENTATION OR RESULTS OF ANY MEMBER AND/OR WORKGROUP.


11) Mandatory Mediation: 

As a condition of Membership, and prior to instituting any legal action against RTN, all members agree to submit any dispute arising under this Agreement to non-binding mediation before the American Arbitration Association (AAA). The AAA shall mediate such matters in accordance with its rules and those set by the appointed mediator. In the event the dispute cannot be resolved, and a member seeks to file legal action, members agree to institute such action in the state and federal courts of Illinois, and members expressly waive any right to a jury and agree to personal jurisdiction over them in the courts in Illinois.


1) Corporate Membership

grants the Member Company with specific benefits based on the type of company/Membership level, as set forth in RTN Membership types. Among those benefits, each Corporate Member company receives a set number of User Licenses, granted to the Corporate Member for its employees to gain access to and participate in RTN. User Licenses provide access to RTN activities including its website portal, RTN Workgroups, RTN members-only content, and RTN virtual and in-person events. All persons granted a Member License under their employer’s Corporate Membership agree, individually, and on behalf of their employer, are bound by RTN Policies, Terms and Conditions.

    i) Affiliates, Mergers & Acquisitions: Corporate Memberships cover any direct affiliates under common control of the Member corporate company. For this purpose, “control” means the Member owning more than 50% of the voting stock of the affiliate company.

    ii) Upgrading Membership: Corporate Memberships may be “converted” to a Corporate Membership of greater value at the request of the Corporate Member, and a pro rata credit of “full months” of the unused Membership term will be applied to the new Membership dues.

    iii) Transfer of User Licenses: Corporate Members may transfer user licenses to alternate current employees with the approval of RTN, commensurate with a change in position, title, role or employment status.  

    iv) Transfer of Corporate membership: Corporate Membership (at any level) is not transferrable to other companies, except in the case of a Change of Control of the Member Company, which shall mean the sale of all or substantially all of a Member’s assets or stock. In cases where one Member Company merges with or acquires another Member company, both Memberships will continue for the duration of the signed Member agreements without refund.
    v) Primary Contact: Each Corporate Member shall identify a Primary Contact and may request changes to the Primary Contact by submitting a request to RTN. In the event the Primary Contact leaves the Corporate Member without assigning the Primary Contact’s responsibility to another person, RTN may appoint any other Corporate Member employee as the Primary Contact upon its reasonable belief that they are authorized to function in this role.

2) Types of Corporate Memberships: 
    i) Restaurant Corporate Membership is eligible to be held by restaurant companies, including organizations that develop, own, operate, manage, franchise or brand restaurant enterprises or venues. Corporate Restaurant Memberships grant RTN licenses to all employees of the named Member Company, including affiliates under common control. Rates for Membership will vary based on gross annual revenues. Revenue information is collected for the sole purpose of qualifying Membership level and will not be shared with other RTN Members, non-Members, or third parties. Restaurant Company Memberships are not available to individuals. Restaurant Memberships are expressly subject to RTN’s approval. Notwithstanding the foregoing, franchisees are not covered under a franchisor’s corporate Membership, but are eligible to join RTN under a separate Corporate Membership.  

    a) Treatment of Franchisees and related store locations: With respect to franchisees owning multiple holding companies, brands, and/or multiple store locations, revenue from all store locations will be consolidated to determine Membership rate, and Corporate Membership will cover all employees. The franchisee will have to demonstrate common control.

    ii) Technology Supplier Corporate Membership:

is eligible to be held by companies that engineer, implement or manage technology solutions, including hardware, software, and related services, for the restaurant industry. Technology Supplier Corporate Memberships are not available to individuals, and are subject to RTN approval. Membership benefits vary based on Membership level, as set forth in RTN Technology Supplier Membership packages.

    iii) Start-Up Technology Corporate Membership:

is eligible to be held by technology supplier companies as defined in section 2.ii above, and that meet the following parameters: a member must be incorporated less than three years from the date of Membership application; must not receive funding by an established company (including online distribution); and may not hold RTN Start-up Membership for more than two years. Evidence of incorporation date is required. RTN reserves the right to decline startup Membership in situations that are contrary to the spirit of the program, for example: a newly-formed company purchasing another company’s assets or an existing company incorporating in a new region.

    iv) Individual Restaurateur Membership:

 is eligible to be held by individuals who are under the employ of a company that owns, operates, or manages a commercial restaurant or foodservice establishment. Membership may only be held by individual persons and are non-transferrable.


3) Consultant Memberships:

are available to individuals, and independent consultants. Consultants are defined as those who provide professional advice, charge a fee for time and expertise, but do not sell products or other services. This Membership is limited to members with less than $5M in annual gross revenue from such activities. Consultant Memberships are also available to other individuals or entities who operate under a similar professional model, at the sole discretion of RTN. Consultants are required to sign a statement of eligibility, and RTN will review such Memberships annually. RTN reserves the right to deny Consultant Memberships to any individual or entity, and to revoke without refund, if the individual holding the Membership ceases to qualify.

4) Academic and Student Memberships:

are available for educators, researchers and students contributing to the advancement of, or keenly interested in, collaborating inside the restaurant technology industry. These Memberships are rooted in the spirit of academic nurturing of individuals, rather than economic gain as a buyer or seller of technology or technology-based services. RTN reserves the right to deny Academic or Student Memberships to any individual, and to revoke without refund if the individual holding the Membership ceases to qualify and/or uses the Membership for commercial gain as a buyer or seller of technology or technology-based services.


5) Media and Association Memberships:

are available to members of the trade media in press and editorial roles; and industry associations. Media & Association Members are not permitted to attend RTN Workgroups. Such Memberships are approved by RTN on a case by case basis. These Memberships are rooted in the spirit of industry collaboration. RTN reserves the right to deny such Memberships to any individual, company, or association, and to revoke without refund if the member ceases to qualify and/or uses the Membership for commercial gain as a buyer or seller of technology or technology-based services.


RTN will administer, manage and execute collaborative Workgroups. RTN reserves the right to work with subcontractors for Workgroup services. By participating in an RTN Workgroup (or any forum, team or group organized by RTN), Members agree, individually and on behalf of their employer, to be bound by the following policies. In addition, RTN Members participating in Workgroups must acknowledge receipt of and abide by the RTN Patent and IP Disclosure Policy.


1) Chartering a New Workgroup:

 Eligible RTN members in good standing, or any group of eligible RTN members, may propose a new Workgroup as discussed below. Initial discussions on a proposed workgroup topic are generally held with RTN staff and other interested or prospective members. If a Workgroup proposal generates interest from RTN Members, RTN staff will aid in the process of preparing an initial Workgroup charter application. Upon completing the charter application, it will be submitted to RTN for review, consideration and possible approval.

2) Charter Approval:

RTN may accept the Workgroup proposal, decline it, defer it, or provide recommendations to refine it. Accepted proposals become chartered Workgroups. RTN will prioritize proposed Workgroups according to available financial and management resources. RTN may consider any factors it deems relevant in approving and prioritizing proposed Workgroups, including the breadth and magnitude of anticipated benefit, the level of interest expressed by members, the potential for rapid delivery of meaningful results, and any available sponsorship funding. RTN reserves the right to charter or terminate any Workgroup at any time at its sole discretion.

3) Eligibility to Participate:

 Participation in RTN Workgroups is open to any license-holding RTN Member, with the exception of Academic, Student, Media & Association Members. Applicants' RTN Membership dues must be fully paid at the time of Workgroup sign-up. Individuals who are not current members of RTN may be eligible to participate in Workgroups on a limited basis at the sole discretion of RTN. This policy is intended to allow a Workgroup to enlist expert assistance, on a volunteer basis, without requiring such volunteers to pay Membership dues. This option requires the approval of RTN management, and RTN reserves the right to revoke such approval at any time. RTN will generally not approve non-member participation opportunities concerning companies that would expect to realize material commercial benefits, as a provider or consumer of technology products or services, derived from the Workgroup's output.

4) Intellectual Property:

Intellectual Property: No transfer of any of Member’s intellectual property rights is granted or implied by an individual’s participation in the Workgroups. All Workgroup participants agree that they will not make contributions of intellectual property to their Workgroup unless they have the express written permission of their employer, the owner of the IP, or any other party that has an interest in such intellectual property. The owner of any contributed intellectual property must understand that RTN cannot guarantee the confidentiality of such intellectual property. Any owner who seeks to contribute such intellectual property agrees to an early disclosure process (in advance of the contribution) any patent or other intellectual right that may become “essential” to the Workgroup’s guidance and solutions output, and shall affirmatively disclose any possible restriction on the use or modification of such contributed intellectual property as more fully discussed under RTN’s Patent and IP Policy. RTN shall not be obligated to oversee such royalties or restrictions arising from such contribution as more fully specified in the Patent and IP Policy. Any member contributing such intellectual property must adhere to the RTN Patent and IP Policy. Prior to contribution of any IP, patentable or otherwise, the contributor must disclose in writing such intent to RTN, and agree in writing that they have legal authority to disclose such IP, and agree to indemnify RTN in connection with such misrepresentation of its authority and that such contribution shall be under the terms of the Patent and IP Policy and the Patent Declaration Form, including disclosing any royalty terms for essential patent technology. These representations will be in the form of a separate Patent Policy and Patent Declaration Form


5) Workgroup Self Governance:

With approval from RTN, Workgroups may establish the following:  

    i) Volunteer leadership in the form of Workgroup chairs or co-chairs, based on RTN voting policies as set forth in Section IV.6;  

    ii) Policies to remove members from RTN Workgroups based on actions that are considered contrary to the spirit of RTN and/or the specific RTN Workgroup’s charter;

    iii) Policies that revoke voting privileges based on repeated failures to attend or vote; if they do so, the Workgroup must also provide a means for regaining voting Membership status. (Minimum requirements as established by RTN are set forth in IV.7.i)

    iv) Fees: Workgroups or other RTN subcommittees may charge a fee in addition to RTN Membership fees. For example, a fee may be charged for face-to-face workgroup meetings to cover the cost of holding the meeting. Fees must described and made public inside the RTN Workgroup web portal, and are subject to RTN approval.

6) Voting Policies:

RTN Workgroups may implement voting to reach group consensus in certain circumstances (such as to select Workgroup chairs, or before publishing final recommendations in Workgroup documents).  

    i) In all cases where voting is implemented, RTN uses a “one company, one vote” policy to ensure that small restaurant companies and vendors have an equal voice to their largest competitors.

    ii) Active participation is required for voting privileges: A Workgroup member loses active participation status after four months of non-activity provided the Workgroup has met for a minimum of three times in the four-month period.

    iii) For each Workgroup of which they are a member, Corporate RTN members may designate one person as the voting representative, inclusive of all affiliates. In case of disagreement as to who should be the voting representative, the designated primary contact of the RTN Membership will decide.

    iv) Individual RTN members who are (or have become) employed by a company that holds a Corporate Membership will lose individual voting rights in all Workgroups. Such persons may vote on behalf of their employer only if they are their employer’s designated voting representative.

    v) In cases where multiple Individual Members are under the employ of the same company (or in the same group of related companies), and that company does not hold an RTN Corporate Membership, each individual member is entitled to vote. If multiple such individuals vote on the same matter, each vote will count fractionally based on the number of such individuals voting.

7) Miscellaneous:
By participating in a workgroup, members agree that workgroup meetings may be recorded for the benefit of members unable to attend, or to assist RTN staff in preparing documents. Access to recorded meetings may only be provided on a nondiscriminatory basis to all members of the workgroup or to all members of RTN.
All issues or objections to the chartering or Workgroup formation process will be settled by RTN with input from its governing board.


All members agree to abide by the RTN Code of Conduct. Corporate Members agree to hold employees, and anyone they authorize to participate in RTN on their behalf, accountable to RTN’s Code of Conduct.

Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) staff and members must take precautions to ensure we do not engage in activities interpreted as violating antitrust or anti-competitive agreements in various parts of the world. For any activity which is deemed to unreasonably restrain trade, the network and its members may be subject to legal penalties, regardless of otherwise beneficial objectives.

1) To ensure that we conduct all meetings and gatherings in strict compliance to any such laws and agreements in any part of the world, the RTN Code of Conduct is to be distributed and/or read aloud at all such gatherings. 

2) There will be no discussion that might be unlawful or anti-competitive with respect to terms or prices of services, allocating or sharing of customers, or refusing to deal with a particular supplier or class of suppliers.  

3) RTN members are expected to behave professionally at all times, which includes acting in accordance with all applicable laws. Negative, disparaging or discrediting comments regarding other members, corporations or competitors, or their goods or services, will not be tolerated.  

4) Actions inconsistent with the above terms will be considered violations of this Code of Conduct. RTN reserves the right to take whatever actions it deems necessary to ensure compliance with this Code.

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