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MAKING IT POP...Popcorn GTM is the agency ambitious restaurant tech hires to deliver bold, intentional, and disruptive sales and marketing strategy and creative tactics.

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Location: Florida

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Restaurant Tech is a seriously crowded marketplace. The number of restaurant technology companies worldwide is growing faster every year, and with Gen-AI and new GPTs being built, the number will rise even faster. Estimates are between 1,500 and 5,000 serious companies that provide restaurant technology solutions. Everything from POS systems, staffing, inventory, labor secluding, reservation and ordering platforms, to more specialized tech like AI for menu optimization, dynamic pricing, loyalty, customer analytics tools, and beyond. 

The time is now to mobilize your GTM. Get your restaurant technology marketing and revenue operations working hard for you – go and dominate your SaaS tech category.  

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Michael Beck

Popcorn GTM Point of Contact

Michael Beck

Co-Founder & CRO

Email: [email protected]

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With a dynamic career spanning over 30 years, I'm a seasoned enterprise sales practitioner and strategic planner, recognized for my relentless pursuit of excellence in sales leadership. My journey in sales has seen me play pivotal roles at leading companies such as ParTech, Restaurant Magic Data Central, Savi Solutions, CBS, Xpient, Altametrics, and ZippyApp. My expertise has significantly contributed to achieving over $25 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), amassing $200 million in Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), and facilitating the sale of more than 16,000 units.

The Genesis of Popcorn: A Consultancy Like No Other
As the co-founder of Popcorn, a bold and disruptive sales and marketing consultancy, I specialize in navigating the complex and competitive world of restaurant technology. My approach is not just about keeping pace but about setting the pace in an industry characterized by relentless evolution and innovation. With thousands of players and an ever-expanding scope that includes everything from POS systems to AI-driven customer analytics tools, staying ahead in restaurant tech is not just an option but a necessity.

MOLINARI & BECK: A Synergistic Force
On December 1st, 2023, Paul Molinari & I officially launched Popcorn GTM. Our agency represents a think tank of creativity, curated branding, empowered sales, and inspired strategies. This journey began with two respected competitors who years later decided to build a business together. 

Our Ethos: Make It Pop!
At Popcorn GTM, we don’t just adapt to market trends; we plan to set them. Our unique blend of real-world sales and marketing 'badassery' is backed by a proven track record of industry success. Our mantra, "Make it Pop," is not just a catchy phrase; it's our commitment to ensuring our clients break into the "center stage" and excel in a crowded and rapidly evolving market.

Let's Connect and Collaborate
I invite you to connect with me to explore how Popcorn's innovative approach can make your restaurant technology solutions stand out in this cut-throat industry. Together, let's make it pop!

Paul Molinari

Popcorn GTM Point of Contact

Paul Molinari

Co-founder, CMO 

Email: [email protected] 

Connect with Paul on LinkedIn

For a quarter-century, Paul has been a creative pulse behind some of the world's most esteemed brands, including Thomson, Tweeter, Digitas' work with General Motors and AstraZeneca, and SaaS pioneers, CrunchTime and Immuta. It’s not just the diversity of industries—ranging from data security and hospitality to automotive and consumer retail—that sets him apart, but the impact he’s had. From launching GM's critically acclaimed online Owner Center and embedding Rx sample ordering for AstraZeneca across the internet to setting up CrunchTime as the brand to buy for restaurant tech and lighting up the Vegas Strip with an intense brand campaign launch for Immuta, he's orchestrated marketing programs that generated a stunning $100 million+ in program-attributed revenue.

Guided by an insatiable curiosity and a knack for strategic thinking, he completed his undergraduate studies in upstate New York at Marist College before going on to earn his MBA from Northeastern University in Boston. 

Building on his experience at CrunchTime, Paul co-founded Popcorn GTM with, Michael Beck, a former competitor, to be a go-to-market powerhouse for ambitious restaurant tech companies. Popcorn isn't just a consultancy; we're the tactical force you engage for intentional and category-defining sales and marketing strategies. 👉 Visit

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