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A powerful Supermoon Total Eclipse will help with constructive progress


We've got a busy week coming up. There is plenty of astrological action to keep you entertained. The Moon's influence reaches a crescendo mid-week as she reaches the Full Moon phase in fiery Sagittarius on Wednesday. It will be a powerful Supermoon as well, because of her once-a-month close approach to Earth. To add to the gravitas of the occasion, she will be totally eclipsed by the shadow of the Earth.

Lunar eclipses occur when the Moon is on the opposite side of Earth as the Sun. The Moon will enter the Earth's shadow resulting in an eclipse. The totally eclipsed Supermoon will be centred over the Pacific Ocean. Total Lunar Eclipses are also referred to as Blood Moons because of their deep crimson colour.

The scrutinizing power of Saturn turns retrograde on Sunday, May 23. His change of direction is a powerful point in his yearly cycle. This will help you focus on details that need clarification and understanding. Be careful not to become obsessive. 

Mercury in Gemini will turn retrograde on Saturday, March 29. This will last for about three weeks until June 22 and will impact communications and travel. Be patient and good-humoured and you'll encounter a slew of opportunities. 

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