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The Restaurant Technology Network's AI Share Group Recap

The Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) hosts monthly collaborative conversations on a variety of technology trends shaping the restaurant industry. RTN’s AI Share Group enables restaurant technology executives to come together to explore various AI / ML real-world applications, and how these technologies are creating operational efficiencies.

This past Fall, the Restaurant Technology Network hosted an #articialintelligence Share Group, where restaurant technology executives (both operators + suppliers) had collaborative conversations and explored various #AI / #ML real-world applications, and how these technologies are creating operational efficiencies for the #restaurantindustry.

This recap highlights a few soundbites from some of the meetings. A special thank you to all who participated, including those featured in the video: Emmanuel Massenez (KWALI), Matt Wampler (ClearCOGS), George Hutto (MOD Pizza), Marcus Wasdin (PAR Technology), Darien Bates (Fourtop), Bradley Metrock (Project Voice), and Jay Ruparel (VOICEplug AI). 

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