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RTN Member Spotlight: Eric Soll

Please describe your work philosophy in one sentence.

Our slogan is "Marketing to the Soul"- we truly just like to make others happy by providing value.

What unique problem does your company solve for restaurants?

We help restaurants acquire more customers through digital, redeemable offers to track ROI. We build restaurants a customer database that they own and can contact whenever they need to send out promotions or just to say hi. We develop spending habits for customers through our offers and loyalty programs.

Why did your company join RTN?

We saw the value that RTN brings to our business and all the connections to suppliers and restaurants. Our entire premise is to help businesses and give back to the community. That's exactly what RTN does. It helps the restaurant industry solve problems through a collaborative group of like-minded individuals. We are all about helping and solving problems.

What's your favorite personal past-time?

I would have to say cooking. Whenever I am upset or sad, I just head right to the kitchen and start whipping up food. Being in the kitchen and making food just brings joy to my face. It is very cliché, but I love the feeling of making food from scratch serving it to those I love and watching and hearing their reactions.

What three words would you use to describe what's happening in the restaurant industry right now?

Adaptability, Turnover, Innovation

What's your favorite restaurant?

All Seasons Table in Malden, MA

What's your most-used restaurant app?

I wouldn't say most-used, but I would say only restaurant app I use is Chik-fil-A

Restaurateur you most admire & why.

I would say my cousin Steve Uliss. He has built an incredible brand and has a true passion for BBQ. He has also won pretty much every award in the BBQ space. He was a big part of me getting into the restaurant business. I admire the passion and care that he takes to not only stay in business, but continue to innovate it.

What technology are you most excited about for the future of restaurants?

Voice and robotics. I am curious to see how robots can take over restaurants. There have been some cool innovations with robotics in the last year or so, and I want to see that sector grow.

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