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RTN Member Spotlight: Susan Carroll-Boser

Describe your work philosophy in one sentence.

Laser-focus your resources on what drives the business, while surrounding yourself with people who are truly invested in creation and service.

What's the most recent tech you've deployed at your restaurants?

We are announcing a very exciting mix of AI services in the coming weeks, and I'm very happy with our recent AI-based loyalty program rollout.

Why did your company join RTN? 

The value we've gotten from both MURTEC and RTN made us realize it is the best source for ongoing learning and resources.

What's your favorite personal past-time?

Mining and collecting minerals. It’s a whole family event for us.

What three words would you use to describe what's happening in the restaurant industry right now?

The merging of digital and on-premise services was already happening before Covid, but now it's accelerating, so both digital and omnichannel.

What's your favorite restaurant (other than your own)?

Hyde Park or a smaller chain called Ocean Club. Any restaurant where you can gather with friends is good!

What's your most-used restaurant app & why?

Besides our app, none.  At work, I order on the web for my team, so too much pizza. At home, my husband uses BW3's app.

Restaurateur you most admire & why.

This is a hard question. The average restaurateur is a single-store owner, and they are amazing people who keep this industry thriving.

What technology are you most excited about for the future of restaurants?

It’s a long list! Most people would agree the entry of AI: NLP, computer vision, predictive engines are finally breaking into our industry. I also think the small automations with RPAs will start to impact the bigger chains, as we slim down our support services to gain margin back in our restaurants. There's also never been a better time for data, even with the high security and privacy bars being raised.

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