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RTN's Official Release of the Labor and Technology Management Strategies


RTN is proud to release a new, critical specification for the restaurant industry. The Labor and Technology Management Strategies maps operational categories to technology-enhanced solutions for alleviating restaurant challenges related to labor sourcing, retention and overall operational efficiencies.

“We need smarter insights in automation to find, engage, and quickly on-board qualified candidates. We need technology to create an ideal work environment for our employees to focus on serving customers. If the customer experience never exceeds the employee experience, then the critical success factor is how do you elevate the employee experience? In a market where there's not enough labor to meet the demand, every available human resource must be applied to providing an outstanding customer experience.”

“What restaurants need are simple but effective strategies to address specific requirements. On behalf of the RTN Community, we are pleased to present to you the Labor and Technology Strategies for Restaurants. Our team of leading restaurant brands, solution providers and consultants have collaborated to combine our collective expertise into one resource with the simple goal of making technology easier for restaurants to solve their challenges. We do this by providing a structured framework for prioritizing and considering all the available and upcoming solutions.”

-Tim Tang, CFE, Director, Enterprise Solutions, HughesON

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