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**ICYMI** Watch Here - RTN Share Group: AI For Restaurants

Check out this highly-engaged RTN Share Group where restaurant technology stakeholders share ideas and explore various AI / ML real-world applications.

Join us for the next one on August 13th!


Learn what’s new and exciting when it comes to consumer and employee-facing AI, and how new technologies are creating unmatched operational efficiencies - in every facet of the industry.


Voicify - Voice-activated ordering, reservations, and customer service. Jeff McMahon

ServiceChannel - Uses AI to automate and optimize maintenance workflows, tracks the performance of service providers, and predicts equipment failures before they occur. Janel Zuffi

Rivalry Tech - Focuses on enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiency in restaurants through AI-driven solutions.  Aaron Knape

Hellometer - Using AI-powered cameras and sensors, Hellometer tracks the flow of customers and measures key performance metrics like wait times and service speed. Alexander Popper

Xenial - Using AI for analyzing sales data, predicting demand, and optimizing menu offerings. Chris Siefken

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