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Flash RFI Video Series

Flash RFI Video Library

Welcome to Flash RFI, a video series brought to you by Restaurant CIOs and the Restaurant Technology Network. This video series helps restaurants by serving up time-boxed, apples-to-apples video introductions to various restaurant technologies. Browse videos and categories to uncover concise answers to your exploratory questions before you decide on a formal RFP.

"As a long-time restaurant CIO and advisor, I have always found it challenging to qualify the best solution candidates for a particular need. With this series of quick-hit videos, restaurants can narrow the field when it comes to sourcing the best fit for them, while learning what each solution provider deems as its primary differentiator, to cut through the noise." -Joe Tenczar, Co-Founder, Restaurant CIOs & RTN Board of Governors

The goal of the Flash RFI is for restaurants to walk away with a clear picture of how vendors match up, and narrow the playing field when it comes making their next tech decision.


Click on the icons to view completed Flash RFIs. 

Submit YOUR Flash RFI Video

Video submission is limited to RTN Members. Only videos that meet criteria below will be featured. Videos must be no longer than 8 minutes.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Introduction Guide
    • Introduce yourself and your brand. For example: I'm Willy Wonka, Chief Candy Connoisseur with The Chocolate Factory. I'm here to contribute to RTN's Flash RFI Video Series under the category of chocolate-making. 
  • Answer questions completely, and concisely - It will be up to each supplier to keep this content current (submit a new version of your video if the content changes relevantly).
  • If your solution serves more than one category (per below), you may submit for multiple categories (if product/component can work alone as a competitor).
  • Your video may be promoted by RTN and Hospitality Technology, and portions of your video may be used in a sizzle reel to promote the series. 

    Ready to Submit? 

    Name your video file after the solution category based on the selection below. For example: RTN FlashRFI - BOH Solutions. Email native file link to RTN via Dropbox, G-Drive, or other large-bandwidth file-sharing platform to: [email protected]

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