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Make Good Lemonade

Make Good Lemonade

Crafting a Sweet and Successful Blend of Strategy and Expertise for Restaurants!
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Website: Make Good Lemonade

Location: Minnesota

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Consulting with a focus on optimizing restaurant off-premise verticals. Hellbent on making sure it works on-prem. Tech that doesn’t work in your kitchen, doesn’t work. Period.

Crystina Clauson

Make Good Lemonade Point of Contact

Crystina Clauson, CPPM

Founder & CEO

Email: [email protected]

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Crystina is a formidable presence in restaurant support circles, who has spent 7 relentless years driving off-premise verticals and delivering exceptional results. With a remarkable track record of managing nearly $100 million yearly in online sales for a dozen brands, she has played a pivotal role in keeping hundreds of restaurants afloat during the challenging times of COVID-19. Adept at implementing loyalty programs, gift card systems, and online ordering platforms, Crystina's unwavering dedication stems from her deep admiration for restaurant operators and her relentless pursuit of making their lives easier.

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