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Meet Jake from ConnectedFresh...Using Tech For Good – Specifically, Cutting Down Food Waste And Boosting Food Safety In Kitchens Everywhere

Co-Founder and CEO
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  • About Jake

    Jake Simon, co-founder and CEO of ConnectedFresh, combines his deep expertise in operational efficiency and a passion for sustainable innovation to lead the company's mission in transforming the food service industry through smart sensor technology. With roots building Smart Factory solutions at Deloitte Consulting and further growth with the Techstars Farm to Fork accelerator, Jake's journey is fueled by a commitment to using tech for good – specifically, cutting down food waste and boosting food safety in kitchens everywhere.

    At ConnectedFresh, he's not just the CEO; he's hands-on building products and learning from operators, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with sensors and analytics to make food service operations smarter, safer, and more sustainable. Jake's approachable leadership style and forward-thinking vision make him not only a leader in the industry but also a relatable team member aiming to make a real difference one sensor at a time.

  • What unique problem does your company solve for restaurants?

    ConnectedFresh cuts through the noise to address food waste and safety, operational efficiency, and facilities optimization head-on. Cutting-edge sensor technology and advanced analytics empower restaurants to optimize operations like never before, right out of the box.

    • Impact-Driven Solutions: From temperature, to energy, to fill levels and much more, ConnectedFresh’s revolutionary advanced use cases like fully Automated Cool Down Logs streamline manual and error-prone processes, ensuring a proactive approach to compliance and top-notch operations.
    • Predictive Maintenance: Proactively identifies equipment failures, reducing unexpected downtime and extending asset life.
    • Advanced Sensor Technology: Offers easy-to-setup, long-lasting sensors for comprehensive monitoring.
    • Real-Time Alerts: Instantly notifies teams of issues, before they become problems.
    • Sustainability: Reduces food waste and improves efficiency, minimizing environmental impact.

    ConnectedFresh is a partner for restaurants aiming to simplify modern food service challenges with confidence, continuously expanding its suite of solutions to support operators and their teams

  • ConnectedFresh joined RTN to help influence the sustainable future of restaurant technology, collaborating with tech innovators and restaurant pros, and tackling industry challenges together. These groups are about creating real change, using our expertise to set new standards and best practices that allow the entire industry to rise.

    The RTN's Restaurant Technology Capabilities Framework, which standardizes functional areas and capabilities for restaurant solutions, resonates with our mission and ethos, enabling us to contribute to the development of a common language and accelerated business capabilities within the industry​​​​. We want it to be easy for operators to focus on serving customers, not putting out fires.

    Our participation underscores a commitment to innovation and leadership in shaping restaurant technology standards, ensuring our solutions not only meet but help define future industry benchmarks.

  • What’s your favorite personal pastime?

    As you can imagine, home automation is dialed in but that can feel like work, so pastime is best spent off of a screen. My wife and I are always on the hunt for old school diners, breakfast burritos, and unique food spots that capture the essence of Los Angeles’ diverse flavors. Between meals, hiking through local trails and building home projects are the name of the game, and a Saturday morning is best spent with a coffee in hand at Home Depot.

  • What three words would you use to describe what’s happening in the restaurant industry right now?

    Innovative, Resilient, Agile

  • What’s your most-used restaurant app and why?

    My go-to app was Resy, especially from my days living in New York. The city is incredible for how many amazing options are walking distance, but they can be extremely difficult to get into. Anyone who has tried swooping in on a canceled table knows how quick you need to be, and Resy made those amazing dining experiences accessible.

  • Restauranteur you most admire and why?

    I recently heard from Sam Polk, CFA, the founder of Everytable. His mission to make healthy, affordable meals universally accessible, especially in underserved communities, showcases a deep commitment to social equity. Beyond this noble cause, what stands out is how he and his teams have streamlined operations to ensure scalability. This approach not only furthers Everytable's vision but also amplifies its impact, demonstrating a sustainable model for addressing food insecurity while enabling business growth. Sam's focused strategy highlights the potential for even more positive change within the restaurant industry, making him a great act to follow

  • What technology are you most excited about for the future of restaurants and why?

    I’m most excited about an element of multiple technologies that is hard to make but worth the effort: Simplicity.

    It’s a future where data correlates to enhance its impact without walled gardens, large budgets, or complex requirements.

    It’s quite hard to make things work easily, but starting with user-centered design ends with solutions that are ready to go when you get your hands on them, without compromising depth or advanced aspects of the technology. For us, that means that everything is 100% ready-to-go right out of the box. Turn it on and it’s live, without even needing to touch your network.

    At ConnectedFresh, we fundamentally believe tides rise when we work together – allowing teams to pull data into their own environments, or automating work orders based on escalations, or working with our partners to integrate most comprehensive solutions that are built to scale and fit to last.

  • Where is your HQ Located?

    Los Angeles, CA

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