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Meet Tushar from ConnectedFresh...A Pivotal Figure In The Tech-Driven Evolution Of Industry Practices

Co-Founder & CTO
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  • About Tushar

    Tushar Agrawal stands at the forefront of technological innovation as the co-founder and CTO of ConnectedFresh, driving the integration of cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AI, and cloud computing into the food industry. His visionary leadership and deep technical expertise have catalyzed transformative solutions across diverse sectors, including automotive and retail, during his tenure at esteemed organizations like Deloitte and Hitachi. Tushar's strategic focus on ROI and scalability underscores his commitment to delivering high-impact, sustainable solutions, positioning him as a pivotal figure in the tech-driven evolution of industry practices.

  • What unique problem does your company solve for restaurants?

    ConnectedFresh cuts through the noise to address food waste and safety, operational efficiency, and facilities optimization head-on. Cutting-edge sensor technology and advanced analytics empower restaurants to optimize operations like never before, right out of the box.

    • Impact-Driven Solutions: From temperature, to energy, to fill levels and much more, ConnectedFresh’s revolutionary advanced use cases like fully Automated Cool Down Logs streamline manual and error-prone processes, ensuring a proactive approach to compliance and top-notch operations.
    • Predictive Maintenance: Proactively identifies equipment failures, reducing unexpected downtime and extending asset life.
    • Advanced Sensor Technology: Offers easy-to-setup, long-lasting sensors for comprehensive monitoring.
    • Real-Time Alerts: Instantly notifies teams of issues, before they become problems.
    • Sustainability: Reduces food waste and improves efficiency, minimizing environmental impact.

    ConnectedFresh is a partner for restaurants aiming to simplify modern food service challenges with confidence, continuously expanding its suite of solutions to support operators and their teams.

  • Why did your company join RTN?

    ConnectedFresh joined RTN to help influence the sustainable future of restaurant technology, collaborating with tech innovators and restaurant pros, tackling industry challenges together. These groups are about creating real change, using our expertise to set new standards and best practices that allow the entire industry to rise.

    The RTN's Restaurant Technology Capabilities Framework, which standardizes functional areas and capabilities for restaurant solutions, resonates with our mission and ethos, enabling us to contribute to the development of a common language and accelerated business capabilities within the industry​​​​. We want it to be easy for operators to focus on serving customers, not putting out fires.

    Our participation underscores a commitment to innovation and leadership in shaping restaurant technology standards, ensuring our solutions not only meet but help define future industry benchmarks.

  • What’s your favorite personal pastime?

    Tushar loves spending time with family and friends, exploring the city's culinary landscape, and indulging in his passion for gastronomy by discovering new cuisines. This love for food is paralleled by the joy he experiences during quality moments with his beloved dog, as he unwinds and reconnects with life's simpler pleasures.

  • What three words would you use to describe what’s happening in the restaurant industry right now?

    Automation, Adaption and Sustainability

  • What’s your most-used restaurant app and why?

    OpenTable, As resident of Washington DC. It's always difficult to find table at any restaurant. Which makes open table an essential to have

  • Restauranteur you most admire and why?

    Oji Abbott of Oohh's & Aahh's is a restaurateur I greatly admire. Known for his soulful culinary offerings that transport diners to a comforting, nostalgic space akin to grandma's kitchen, Abbott's no-frills establishment is a testament to the timeless appeal of Southern comfort food. The restaurant's signature dishes, like the whiting fish and an array of flavorful wings, alongside classic sides such as macaroni and cheese, showcase his commitment to authenticity and quality​​.

    Additionally, the recognition and accolades from organizations like The RAMMYS, which honor excellence in the Metropolitan Washington restaurant industry, highlight the community's acknowledgment of outstanding restaurateurs who set high standards in operations and entrepreneurship. This further cements the impact and importance of dedicated individuals like Abbott in enriching the local food landscape

  • What technology are you most excited about for the future of restaurants and why?

    The integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automation tools in the restaurant industry is a development I find particularly exciting for the future. These technologies are not only revolutionizing how restaurants operate but also enhancing the dining experience for customers. They are also bringing operational efficiency while reducing waste and increasing sustainability.

  • Where is your HQ Located ?

    Los Angeles, CA

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