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Restaurant CIOs

Providing your company with one of the top hospitality CIOs as a member of your executive team, but on a fractional basis.
restaurant cios

Los Angeles - Orlando - & Everywhere in Between & Beyond
Phone: 844-553-CIOS
Email: [email protected]


Restaurant CIOs is happy to provide free consultation to your restaurant company during the COVID-19 crisis. Our veteran restaurant CIOs are well suited to develop creative solutions that will help maximize your off-premises operations in these difficult times.  

CIO as a Service (CIOaaS) provides your company with one of the top hospitality CIOs as a member of your executive team, but on a fractional basis. While this is unique in itself, your company will also benefit from the expert advice of the other top restaurant CIOs, as your company faces major decisions or challenges.

This is not a typical technology consulting service. While we can also handle specific technology projects, we prefer the ongoing relationship approach of CIOaaS. This way, we attain a much deeper understanding of your company. This extensive knowledge, combined with our talents and experience in the restaurant industry, allows us to provide maximum value for your company.

Areas of Expertise

  • Thought Leadership
  • Technology Alignment with Organizational Goals
  • IT Steering Committee leadership
  • Translation of Strategy to internal IT organization
  • IT Road Mapping
  • System Architecture Design
  • System Integration
  • Value and Risk Assessment - Key Technology Decisions
  • Assessment and Mentorship of current IT organization
  • Technology Vendor Analysis

Principal Partners


Joe Tenczar – Joe has been a senior tech executive since 2000. He has been the CIO for several hospitality companies, most recently Hard Rock and Sonny’s BBQ. Joe’s teams rolled out non-traditional POS systems for his last two companies. These systems later became widely accepted in the industry, showing his ability to take on next generation technology, but only after intense risk/ value assessment. Joe came from a programming background and is a certified Scrum master. He has an MBA and runs all technology decisions through a business filter. He specializes in franchises, integrating systems, innovative technology, and dealing with technology disruption.


Brian Pearson - Brian has been in Restaurant Technology leadership since 2002, and has worked for some of the industry’s top brands. While his technology career began in the US Army with cryptography and telecommunications, his years of Operations Leadership in the Restaurant industry is what guides much of his vision. Brian led IT in BJ's Restaurants as it grew from 20-100 restaurants, and built their automation platform and their IT team from the ground up. Brian later went on to architect and implement the world's first fully integrated iPad based Point of Sale for STACKED Restaurants. If there's an Operator in the room, Brian has their back.

Distinguishing Factors:
Experienced. We have direct experience in a wide variety of brand specialties: from QSR to Fine Dining; from single stores to global brands; private and public; company owned or franchised. We have worked for some of the more influential restaurant brands in a variety of facets.

Connected. The Restaurant CIOs partners are all members of influential industry advisory boards, focus groups, and chapter based organizations. This ensures that we retain a solid understanding of the industry now and in the future. We also actively participate in industry research and numerous industry events (MURTEC, FSTEC, NRA, etc.) that give us a broad awareness of what vendors in this space are offering.

A diverse viewpoint. The CIOs come from different backgrounds, company types, and have different talents and skills. Above all, they think differently. The value of having them together comes from their assessing problems and solutions from these varied perspectives.  

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