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RTN Start-Up Alley at MURTEC 2022: Meet The Top 17

Learn More about our Top 17 Finalists from RTN's Start-Up Alley at MURTEC 2022.

Aben: We will enable brands to allocate capital to achieve the highest possible ROI while deterministically proving results. Aben means open in Danish, and we’re sticklers for transparency. Adhering to data science principles since day one, Aben was founded on the idea that the data available to the largest enterprises should be democratized for all businesses to leverage. Through our proprietary data and machine learning algorithms, we have established a single truth through real-world spend across local markets, complete with recommendations, automation, and measurement for all.

Agot AI: Agot transforms restaurant operations from reactive to proactive. No need to wait for orders to properly allocate labor, no need to react to a customer order complaint, no need to rely on lagging performance indicators. With Agot, brands can: foresee customer demand and place labor to exceed speed of service goals; correct errors before they reach the customer; leverage real-time metrics to immediately impact performance. Every brand knows that if the best manager could be placed in all the stores overseeing the preparation of every order that customer satisfaction, worker satisfaction, and financial performance would skyrocket. Agot delivers that transformation.

Bikky: Bikky is a Guest Data & Marketing Platform powered by a team that specializes in scaling digital hospitality. We centralize guest data across third-party marketplaces, direct ordering, reservations and POS systems for multi-location brands. Marketers use our platform to personalize the guest journey and drive measurable revenue for email, SMS, and ad campaigns. Bikky gives restaurant marketers the power of a data analysis team at a fraction of the cost and with real-time access to analytics, easy audience creation for campaigns, and automated attribution.


Blanket: Blanket is not looking to disrupt the industry but rather offer a simple solution to streamline processes for restaurants and operators. As your front line team’s new digital assistant manager, Blanket gets your teams performing at their highest level, even when you’re not there. Blanket powers multi-unit operators by creating a clear line of site from an organization's c-suite to each and every location. In short, Blanket helps front line teams thrive, and bring joy to their everyday work.

BYOD: Our AI, Mabel, is focused on solving operational problems in real time. Though she mines historical data and uses predictive analysis, she is truly focused on interventional behaviors. Mabel helps operators schedule, tighten their labor, react to customers, and generally manage their restaurants better - and all in realtime. With an employee pool 1 million people smaller than in 2019, restaurant operators are stretched too thin. With Mabel, issues don't fall through the cracks, customers aren't overlooked, staff is actively managed, and operators have time to get back to business.

Chalkboards POS: Chalkboards empowers Restaurants to take over modern customer engagement with a new POS that has a comprehensive set of modern technologies already embedded. Restaurants can promote their high profit items with unified signage, enjoy built-in loyalty, and redirect feedback to themselves instead of Yelp. With new tools like 'Table-touch' discounts, restaurants can entice their best customers to visit more. GreenDining feature will let a restaurant have a flash-sale for over-preps. All these and more right from the POS, in easy-to-use form. We re-imagine the POS from the inside out, with modern customer engagement at its core instead of an after-though.

CheckPlease: By allowing guests to pay whenever they're ready on their own device without having to download an app or needing to wait for their server. This will allow guests the convenience to leave a table whenever they are ready. This also allows for restaurants to turn tables over faster and the restaurants' staff to work more efficiently with recent staff shortages since this will assist with a time consuming part of their job, the payment process. CheckPlease integrates with the restaurant's POS and payment processor/gateway in order to make this experience as seamless as possible.

COGS-Well: Most inventory systems require users to do all of the initial system setup and take weeks months to install. COGS-Well does most of the initial setup work, including the inventory item database and will typically have new users up and running in just a few days. OGS-Well also eliminates manual entry of inventory items received by importing invoices. Our team of Receiving Auditors handles new inventory items, vendors, packaging changes, and missing pack sizes, and at no added cost. Other inventory systems require multiple hours of staff time per week. In COGS-Well, inventory receiving requires zero staff time.

Curbit: By making the pickup experience easy, brands will become more directly connected to their guests vs leakage to the 3DP. With smoother guest interactions, the labor force will become more stable vs the stress of having daily interactions with unsatisfied customers waiting longer than necessary or picking up cold food. Operational decisions will be driven by consumable business intelligence designed to maximize throughput.


OrderB4: Multi-brand Software for Ghost Kitchens - end-to-end virtual kitchen system for digital ordering, order management and delivery. We provide a vertically integrated POS solution for complex multi-brand operations that doesn't exist today, while also increasing the economic benefits of delivery via D2C ordering, and lower cost of tech and accounting functions. OrderB4 started at our restaurants. OrderB4 was created with one primary focus – to help Ghost Kitchens, Virtual Brands and Multi-unit Restaurants thrive in the digital age. Simply put, we know what operators need and we create solutions for them to succeed. Our expertise is now at your disposal!


Grip Places: By attracting new customers and killing the harmful star rating system. It’s Simple. Live Video Speaks a Thousand Words. How many times have you wondered what a place is like before you went and then found out wasn’t your scene? We feel your pain. We believe live streaming cameras are the solution by letting you see the vibe of a place with your own eyes in real-time before you even leave the house. No more guessing games or having to read subjective star ratings and reviews. Simply view it live, decide, and go.

Hellometer: QSR is all about speed (it’s in the name). Historically, the tools to measure it are incomplete and inaccurate. Hellometer is the world’s first AI timer; our computer-vision technology uses cameras to monitor and ensure each guest has a great experience. For the first time, Hellometer allows operators to track dining room service speeds. Before us, there has never been accurate technology to do it. In drive-thrus, from the second guests enter the lot, Hellometers shows you where and when speed is losing you revenue.

Hi Auto: Hi Auto is the Virtual Assistant for Restaurants. Our first skill is automated order taking for the Drive-Thru. We free up the restaurant staff to prepare the order and engage the customer at the window while we are handling the voice order taking at the menu board. This is a big help during the hiring crisis. Hi Auto also helps with the inconsistency of human employees - it's never rude, no show, sick and it consistently upsells based on your script increasing average order size.

Paerpay: Powerful contactless payments, without switching POS systems. The best contactless payment experience for restaurants and their guests. Save time and money, while offering modern payment options. No apps, downloads, or new hardware needed. Paerpay helps restaurants adopt all modern forms of contactless payments and checkout-free payment experiences without changing their payment architecture, downloading apps, or hardware. From the drive-thru to the buffet, getting paid is a breeze. And customers love it too - it couldn’t be easier. Or faster.

Science On Call: Although we have partnerships with many restaurant technology vendors, we remain platform agnostic. We support a range of systems and software across your entire restaurant technology stack. Our team of friendly, reliable restaurant technology experts are focused on providing excellent customer service to the hospitality industry. Our platform provides rapid resolution to technology challenges that disrupt restaurant business, including point of sale, wifi, internet, 3rd party ordering and delivery challenges, and more, for a low-monthly subscription.


SmartScreen: SmartScreen is THE restaurant personalization platform. SmartScreen is here to Connect Data, Actions, and Outcomes for a Better Customer Experience. The SmartScreen Technology will disrupt the industry by democratizing Artificial Intelligence so that ALL Restaurants will have the same ability as IBM or Amazon to utilize their data to personalize the guest experience, optimize the Backoffice and enhance food safety. The SmartScreen vision is to connect human decision makers with the most powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies empowering them to make the best decisions, take the best actions, solve the hardest problems and change the world for the better.

Targetable Sciences: Digital marketing. Done for you. Let us handle the marketing so you can get back to work. Targetable is do-it-for-you marketing platform. A combination of powerful software and a great team of marketing experts create and run ad campaigns, manage your social media and launch effective landing pages to drive awareness, more customers and sustained growth. Digital marketing platform for brand awareness and acquiring new customers through paid and organic social channels - data enabled and fully integrated with customer journeys to drive actions to grow the restaurant business. "We promise not to cook if you promise not to do digital marketing."


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