RTN is proud to release technical documents to the industry, created by Restaurant and Supplier Members after uniquely collaborating in virtual think-tank style Workgroups. After a period of time, sometimes more than a year, Workgroups finalize technical guidance, best practices and industry standards aimed at helping restaurants innovate faster.

Access to these documents are available to the industry unless noted as Member-Only. RTN members receive first-rights access to the complete collection of documents, which can found by logging in. 

For changes to any of the technical documentations below, email [email protected]. We ask that you provide the feedback you have for the document an we will engage the Key Contributors for that standard to review. 


  • Open API Framework

    Defines API architecture for the restaurant industry, provides public avenue for adopting best practices & offers data dictionary for the most common integration needs
  • Restaurant Technology Capabilities Framework

    Allows restaurant technology stakeholders to speak a common language by defining functional areas, capabilities, and use cases for restaurant solutions. Identifies relationships between systems and business processes.
  • Restaurant Menu Synchronization Specification

    An industry benchmark for communicating menu data between systems and partner entities
  • Customer Record Data Standard

    Created to alleviate complications related to collecting fragmented Customer profiles, managing customer data , maintaining data integrity, understanding customer behavior
  • Transactional Data Standard

    Restaurant transactional data, whether financial, marketing, or operational, makes up the basis for a modern, data-driven company, but many restaurants do not have access or simply cannot ingest this data to make meaningful decisions.
  • Restaurant Technology KPIs

    Standardized KPIs represent the industry’s first robust collection of 100+ key performance indicators (KPIs), covering six broad categories: sales, marketing, product, labor, operations, service, and financials and indexed by organization type.




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RTN Technical Documents are evolving and may require updates and edits over time. As you review the tools, if you see any areas that need to be updated, edited, or added to, please use the button to complete our feedback form. Once received the RTN team will review it with the tool's Key Contributors for consideration.

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