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A QSR’s Next Gen Drive-Thru, Solutions That Drive Seamless Ops & Improved CX Top HT’s List Of Most-Read Stories For November

November was chock-full of restaurant tech news. Vendors rolled out several notable solutions to help restaurants address key pain points. Plus a robotic kitchen concept in Boston debuted its reinvigorated concept. Here are the 6 most read stories on for the month of November.

6)  Trending now: Restaurant Next Highlight Hub
The most-visited area of for November was the Restaurant Next Highlight Hub. And for good reason; the site includes Restaurant Next’s stellar event content on demand! The hub makes it easy to peruse MURTEC and RTN’s first virtual restaurant conference. Visit all five virtual restaurant environments — Curbside & Delivery, Full Service, Kitchen Solutions, QSR & Drive-Thru, and Universal Solutions — and watch audio tours, keynotes, interviews, and panel discussions and more. Check it out!

5) Toast Go 2 and Toast Order & Pay Empowers Restaurateurs to Keep Guests Sage and Grow Average Check Size.
The demand for contactless hospitality solutions is at an all-time high. As consumers learn and get accustomed to new ways of doing business, we expect these solutions to have staying power long after a vaccine is readily available. This solution from Toast facilitates ordering and paying from the convenience and safety of a guest's own smartphone. 

4) Square Debuts Kitchen Display System
With the surge in off-premises orders from mobile apps, third-party delivery and in-store, there’s a huge need to streamline and organize. Enter Square KDS, a new kitchen display system software that displays and organizes order tickets no matter where they’re placed -- whether that's from a restaurant’s point-of-sale, Square Online site, or online ordering platforms like DoorDash and Postmates.

3) Silverware Announces Integration Partnership with Cuboh to Aggregate Online Orders

Restaurants have been clamoring for tight integrations. Silverware is among the brands heeding the call. Cuboh replaces multiple tablets at the front of house with a single proprietary tablet capable of 86ing items, accepting and rejecting orders, executing refunds, adding upcharges to orders, and sending all information in real time to the Silverware point-of-sale system.

The humorous approach is paying off. Worth mentioning: its loyalty program has grown 39% to 1.2 million registered users. Rock on, Del Taco, rock on!

2) McDonald’s New Growth Strategy Leverages 3Ds
McDonald's is testing new store designs that have a dedicated drive-thru for digital order pickup, and the global QSR is testing new tech to make the customer experience even faster. Read more about what this global QSR has planned.

1) With Off-Prem in Mind Spyce Relaunches Concept
Spyce, a robotic kitchen that came on the scene in 2018, reopened last month in Boston. The concept, created by 4 MIT grads, was redesigned with off-premises in mind and now includes in-house delivery and digital-only ordering via the mobile app in-store kiosk.

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