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Supply Chain, Acquisitions & Consumer Insights Top List Of Most-Read Restaurant Stories

October was a busy month on the restaurant technology news desk. So busy in fact, I’m including the top six most-read stories instead of the usual five.  Drones, acquisitions, contactless payments, and not to mention - the first live and in person MURTEC Summit in two years.  Here we count down the six most-read restaurant stories for the month.

6)  Luna Grill to Automate Supply Chain Management
Supply chain stories are dominating the news – and in most all cases, for all the wrong reasons. This story, about Luna Grill embracing technology to improve its supply chain and reduce food costs, is one of the rare, good news stories. Read how this restaurant concept has been able to improve operations; it is able to track all raw ingredients from their sources and follow strict food safety protocols, and much more. Read how they do it here.

5)  Olo Strikes Deal to Buy Wisely
2021 has been a huge year for restaurant acquisitions and IPOs. This deal was one of the month’s biggest! More and more restaurants are looking for data and insights to improve their operations. This Olo-Wisely deal will enable restaurant brands to deepen guest relationships, drive more transactions, and increase customer lifetime value. Read the full story here.

4)  Brinker, Flytrex Team Up on Drone Delivery
Stories involving drones and robotic delivery always attract a lot of eyeballs. This one, about Brinker piloting drone delivery for its virtual wing brand, It’s Just Wings, was among the most-read during October. Get the scoop here.

3)  Restaurants Payment Think Tank
I think we can all agree that restaurant operators by and large are optimistic by nature and are looking to the future. And many restaurants are wondering, based on HT’s site traffic, what’s next for payments and e-commerce? As digital engagement ordering and payments grow, restaurant operators must learn to think like retailers, says this special interactive report sponsored by Adyen. This must-read report identifies the challenges restaurants face when bridging the offline-online gap. Read the full report here.

2)  Real-Time Coverage: MURTEC Executive Summit & Showcase
The HT site has been abuzz with news about MURTEC Executive Summit and Showcase, which was live and in person in Orlando, Fla., Oct. 12-15. We featured not one but two roundups about the event, including this one by RTN Co-Founder: That’s a Wrap! MURTEC Executive Summit Recap. 

1)  2021 Customer Engagement Technology Study: Powering Hospitality’s Recovery
The most-read story for the month of October is HT’s 2021 Customer Engagement Technology Study: Powering Hospitality’s Recovery. Hospitality is open for business, and this HT study, now in its 10th year, zeroes in on what hospitality customers really want from technology now? (Spoiler alert: Free Wi-Fi is table stakes at restaurants and hotels. Plus, how customers feel about delivery may surprise you.) After more than a year of disruption, the human touch — assisted and augmented by innovative solutions — is more in demand than ever. Read the full report here.

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