AI Share Group Feb 13 2023

JOIN US: RTN SHARE GROUP: Artificial Intelligence For Restaurants

CALLING ALL RESTAURANTS & RTN SUPPLIER MEMBERS! Join us as we host monthly collaborative conversations revolving around AI including voice, sales forecasting, payments, cybersecurity and more
Tammy Hanson
Membership Experience Manager, RTN
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**Register Here** and join us Tuesday, February 13th, 2024 | 1:00 pm CT as we host monthly collaborative conversations in this AI Share Group, where restaurant technology stakeholders share ideas and explore various AI / ML real-world applications. Learn what’s new and exciting when it comes to consumer and employee-facing AI, and how new technologies are creating unmatched operational efficiencies - in every facet of the industry. 

Watch this sizzle reel to get a glimpse into the types of conversations and topics we’ll explore.

Sharegroup registration is open to all qualified restaurant operators (full-service, QSR, or fast-casual restaurants; foodservice operators & management companies; virtual restaurant brands; casinos, cruise lines) only, as well as Tech Solution/Service Providers who have an active RTN membership.

Tech Solution/Service Providers, that do not have an active membership are invited to “test drive” up to two sessions and after that, we will be in touch to explore membership so that you can continue to participate along with being able to take advantage of many more benefits of being a member of RTN.

Registrations will be reviewed and are subject to approval.