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Meet Christine from Pathspot...revolutionizing foodservice health and safety, while also fostering a more inclusive and efficient future for the industry and its communities.

CEO & Co-Founder
  • About Christine

    Christine Schindler, PathSpot's CEO and Co-Founder, revolutionizes foodservice health and safety with her award-winning SafetySuite, earning the 2023 Kitchen Innovations Award. With a foundation in biomedical engineering from Duke University, she leverages her expertise for global impact, recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30, Time Magazine Top Inventions, and Entrepreneur Magazine, and received the Rising Star award in Hospitality Technology Magazine’s 2023 Top Women in Restaurant Technology.

    Beyond her entrepreneurial and engineering achievement, Schindler champions STEM empowerment, mentors through the Clinton Global Initiative, serves on the Board for Aunt Flow supporting menstrual product access, and founded Girls Engineering Change enhancing STEM education. Her work not only advances foodservice safety but also fosters a more inclusive and efficient future for the industry and its communities.

  • What unique problem does your company solve for restaurants?

    PathSpot, with its flagship product, the HandScanner, offers the world's first real-time hand hygiene management system to combat foodborne illnesses. The PathSpot HandScanner quickly scans hands in two seconds, detecting contaminants, aiding businesses in maintaining health and safety standards, and ensuring the safety of their team and customers. The expanding SafetySuite helps commercial kitchens and hospitality companies drive efficiency and prevent the spread of disease, along with a 24/7 data dashboard and monitoring system–allowing for custom and modular application of tools and alerts.

    With the innovation of PathSpot’s SafetySuite, PathSpot became commercial kitchens’ core operating system for safety and compliance. SafetySuite tools prevent harmful disease transmissions, improving restaurant and facility efficiency. Additional SafetySuite products include:

    - Remote temperature monitoring
    - Food labeling/expiry management
    = Digital Checklists for key task completion, validation, and sign-off
    - Audit forms digitizing safety inspection notes

  • Why did your company join RTN?

    PathSpot joined the Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) to align with its mission of transforming food safety and hygiene practices in the restaurant industry through innovative technology. As a company dedicated to preventing the spread of foodborne illness with its advanced handscanning system, PathSpot saw RTN as the perfect platform and partners to collaborate with like-minded organizations, share knowledge, and gain insights into the evolving needs of the foodservice sector. Being part of RTN allows PathSpot to actively participate in discussions that shape the future of restaurant technology standards and practices. This membership facilitates valuable networking opportunities, enabling PathSpot to connect with potential partners, customers, and industry leaders committed to maximizing operational efficiency and growth, while maintaining best-in-class quality and business practices. Joining RTN underscores PathSpot’s commitment to being a strong industry partner, and its dedication to integrating multifaceted technology to create safer dining experiences worldwide.

  • What’s your favorite personal pastime?

    Family, Food, Travel, and Theater! I love visiting my family in the cities they live in and seeing their neighborhoods – as well as trying their favorite restaurants. Sometimes we travel somewhere new all together which is a great way to spend a weekend with family– sharing laughs and making stories while we explore a city. No matter why I’m traveling, I love trying the staples of local cuisine, or visiting a location of a regional chain. Emerging brands are often creating something special by promoting new flavors and experiences, so it’s usually worth a detour! I also really enjoy musical theater, and have participated in and volunteered with community theater since a young age. I’m always looking out for shows on tour, and will always jump at the chance to see a new Broadway musical production!

  • What three words would you use to describe what’s happening in the restaurant industry right now?

    Experience, Technology, and $$$. (Maybe the last one isn’t a word– but it still matters, and drives the reasons for the other two!). Inflation is affecting everyone, and it’s hitting restaurants on both the top and bottom lines. Consumers have less to spend, and at the same time restaurant costs are rising on both food costs and labor. Two forms of innovation to combat this are by providing the guest with a splendid experience worth the higher price tag (hospitality, ambiance, etc), or by finding other ways to reduce costs with Technology-driven efficiency. PathSpot is helping our restaurant partners directly cut costs, while also redirecting labor away from routine operational tasks with automation, allowing teams to focus on hospitality, and creating a top-notch guest experience.

  • What’s your most-used restaurant app and why?

    Most people might not think of it as a Restaurant app, but Google Maps! Whether I’m traveling to a conference or just in a different part of town, I’m always looking for a new place to try. I just open the app, and at the top click “Restaurants” and filter by “Open now”. Once I’ve picked a place to eat, I just click “Directions” and off I go!

  • What restaurateur do you most admire and why?

    Colin McCabe of Chopt Creative Salad and Founders Table Restaurant Group. Colin has been an incredible source of inspiration and a personal mentor for me. Creating something from scratch is never easy, and from the moment I met him, Colin embodied the passion, urgency, and innovative thinking that I aim to bring to work every day. For over 20 years, Chopt has grown from one location in New York, and is now operating multiple brands in so many markets. His ability to keep the same central mission over multiple decades, and to see the whole Founders Table team pursue excellence and embrace innovation in all aspects of their work is inspiring. I aim to emulate their success and culture every day– they’ve launched hundreds of menu innovations and LTO dressing options, while PathSpot has launched a half-dozen technology products… More to come!

  • What technology are you most excited about for the future of restaurants and why?

    Besides our own product roadmap focused on improvements to operational efficiency, operational quality & consistency, food safety and hygiene, and employee experience (all of which I’m extremely excited about), I’m looking forward to developments in new methods for taste profile customization with new agricultural techniques. While Vertical and Indoor farming is often praised for its efficient use of space, year-round production ability, minimal water usage, and reduced risk of food contamination, I’m also excited by its potential to enable flavor experimentation. By finely controlling the atmospheric conditions, the taste profile of any vegetable can be modified to ideally match a chef’s preference. And when you add on top of that that it can be picked just minutes before service, the shelf-life of the ingredients are no longer a constraint. As vertical farming becomes more accessible, we will be looking at many new possibilities for chefs and menus!

  • Where is your HQ Located ? (City, State)

    New York

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