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Data Breach’s Latest Victim, QSR’s Personalized App Offerings Top List Of Most-Read Stories In January

January was a month loaded with restaurant technology news covered by HT.  ICYMI, here are the five most-read stories for the first month of the year.

5. What Restaurants Need to Know About CCPA and GDPR 
Consumers’ data privacy rights are in the spotlight around the globe, and the laws are a-changing. Take for instance California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which went into effect January 1 and has far-reaching effects beyond the Golden State. (Spoiler alert: it applies to any company that does business in the state of California.)  At MURTEC,  Odia Kagan, Partner, Chair of GDPR Compliance and International Privacy, Fox Rothschild LLP, will demystify CCPA as well as its cousin from the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).It’s a not-to-be missed session for anyone doing business in the Golden State!  Read the full story here.  And while you’re at it, register for MURTEC

4. 2020 POS Software Trends Report: Unlocking Agility
According to HT’s exclusive research, 65% of restaurants plan to expand upon feature sets of current POS software this year. For this annual report, HT also reached out to POS vendors to get their take on trends, a recap of 2019 intros and new features and products planned for the coming year.  If you haven’t already, bookmark this report now. 

3. Taco Bell Offers Personalized Menu Recommendations to Mobile App Users
Who doesn’t want to know the best ways to leverage data to drive customer loyalty?  This article about how Taco Bell is delivering up personalized experiences to its customers using the mobile app was one of the most-read stories of the month.  How is this beloved QSR brand doing it ? Read on! 

2. Chili's to Add Pay at the Table Tech
Adding tableside payments was among the top tech objectives in 2019. According to HT’s 2019 Restaurant Technology Study, 34% of restaurants said tableside ordering/payment devices topped their Innovation agenda for 2019. This story about the casual dining brand’s roll out of PATT and its tech provider got a lot of eyeballs in January. Read the full article here.

1. Landry’s Notifies Public of Data Breach
This story about how Landry’s was hacked and the impact of this data breach was the most-read story of the month.  According to the information provided by Landry's, this data breach took place over the course of six months (184 days) and the time between the discovery of it and notification to the public was approximately 74 days. (Yikes!)  Just how did the bad actors hack the restaurant’s system? What was the impact? Industry experts weigh in on how this might have been avoided and best practices.  This must-read article is here.

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