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July Stories Indicate Restaurants Are Planning For The Future

Restaurants are looking for inspiration and real-world success stories. July’s five most-read restaurant stories on HT include behind-the-scenes looks at two brands, what the future of third-party delivery will mean for restaurants, best practices for curbside, and contactless solutions for now and the future. Let’s count them down! 

5. Dickey’s Tech Investments Pay Off
This story gives the inside scoop on recent tech Investments made by the Dallas-based barbecue brand. In recent months, the brand has added contactless delivery, curbside pickup, overhauled its digital ordering experience, and integrated third-party delivery orders, to name a few.   

4. Where’s Third-Party Delivery Headed?
Consolidation has finally come to the third-party delivery industry. (Uber & Postmates and Just Eat NV & Grubhub.) So what does this mean for restaurants now and in the future? In this exclusive, HT checks in with industry experts for their prognostications.

3. White Castle to Man Fry Station with Robot
This 99-year-old QSR has always kept an eye on what’s next. Automation in the form of a Miso Robotic’s Flippy ROAR will be tested at one undisclosed location. Expected to be up and running by Oct. 1, the initial Flippy ROAR deployment will test speeds in production, taste, quality and operational optimization with backend POS integration. It will be tested to improve employee and food preparation, before being integrated into other locations.

2. Contactless Transactions Are Having Their Moment
Consumers are seeking out contactless options -- for ordering and payment. This special report highlights some of the latest options for contactless payments, mobile capability, new opportunities for data collection and loyalty, and some of the major suppliers whose services are transforming guest experiences.     

1. Infographic: What’s Next for Restaurants? Tech Can Help
What restaurant doesn’t want to know what’s next ? This infographic includes 5-steps operators can take now to adapt the dine-in guest experience and earn customers’ trust — and changes to make long-term for the new normal. No wonder this insightful infographic was the most-read story for the month of July. Read on!

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This fast-casual chain is rolling out an aggressive off-prem strategy that includes curbside, drive-thru, walk-up and pickup windows and native delivery.

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Restaurants are going all in on to-go, and turning to innovative tech solutions to do so.

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