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Restaurant Assistance Available To Weather The COVID-19 Pandemic, RTN’s Newest Workgroup Top Hospitality Technology’s List Of Most-Read Stories For March

March was quite the month for unprecedented disruption for the restaurant industry and society as we know it. The most-read restaurant stories on Hospitality Technology reflect the challenges facing restaurants as the industry pivots to serve customers with off-prem solutions.

5. Restaurant Technology Study 2020: Delivering on Expectations
Research for HT’s 22nd annual Restaurant Technology Study was conducted in January and contains relevant information pertinent to today’s business landscape, such as how enabling off-premises redefines restaurants & IT strategy. While restaurants remain cautious and will practice conservative technology spending, IT investments in 2020 will seek to deliver on strategic goals by powering up and streamlining the path to purchase and will put a hyper-focus on practical innovation, costs. This study is a goldmine of information. You can read and bookmark Restaurant Technology Study 2020: Delivering on Expectations, here

4. Restaurant Technology Network Kicks Off COVID-19 Workgroup
RTN’s workgroups are known for bringing together the industry, suppliers and operators alike, for solving common and complex problems such as Opens APIs, Security and Compliance and Third-Party Delivery. RTN’s first COVID-19 workgroup call on March 18 had the participation of nearly 300 restaurants and vendor companies.

3. Technology Suppliers Support for Restaurants / Hotels During COVID-19 Pandemic
The hospitality technology industry is rallying to support hotels and restaurants in these unprecedented times. HT has created an online catalog that lists help available to restaurants and hotels. #hospitalitySTRONG. Vendors can submit their solutions here.

2. MURTEC is Streaming Live From Las Vegas
The 25th annual MURTEC was held in Las Vegas March 9-11, and some of the key sessions were live streamed. If you missed MURTEC you missed a lot! Good news, you can still access the Tuesday keynote on Making AI Effective here. Stay tuned for more video content from MURTEC! 

1. Hospitality Technology Announces Its 2020 Top Women in Restaurant Technology
The most-read story on HT for the month of March was the Top Women in Restaurant Technology winners. Now in its fourth year, the Top Women in Restaurant Technology Awards, sponsored by Tillster, honors outstanding women from both restaurants and technology suppliers for reimagining restaurant processes and operations while demonstrating excellence in leadership, inventiveness and skill. You can read more about the Class of 2020 here.

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